When you have changing business space requirements, a Starrco modular office system is the option you need to consider. Starrco pre-fabricated enclosures are versatile enough to be adjustable to any in-plant or exterior space demands, providing a cost-effective and quick solution to your company’s construction projects.

Starrco offers two different modular stud systems: SS3500 and SS3000 wall systems. All studs in Starrco modular offices easily accommodate vertical installations of electrical, data transmission and communication lines in raceways, which are accessible from a cover plate.

The SS3500 wall system is made of structural-grade extruded aluminum, acting as a structural column on spaces with long clear distances on two-story structures or for load bearing roofs. The stud system can even accommodate steel tube inserts for additional performance.

The SS3000 design features a two-piece stud that allows both sides to be equipped with electrical devices and communication receptacles. The design of both studs allows for removal and replacement of a wall panel without disturbing adjacent panels. In addition, the SS3000 design allows the unit to be effortlessly reconfigured as your company’s demands change.

For further information on our modular stud systems, visit Starrco’s website or contact us to help you find the best solution for your business.