Is your business growing? Are your facilities too small to accommodate your employees? Need additional space for your equipment? Many business owners find themselves in the same situation. Have you decided what construction method to use? Believe it or not, whether you choose to go with modular or permanent construction, it will tremendously impact your project’s completion time. If you haven’t yet, consider using Starrco modular office systems!

At Starrco, we want to help you carry out your construction project effortlessly. Dividing areas, creating additional spaces in your current facilities, or building a separate portable office with our preassembled booths has never been easier! Just choose between our available modular wall systems — StarrSpace 3000 or StarrSpace 3500 — and you’ll be able to have your modular unit all setup and ready in no time!

In fact, a lot of our client’s modular units can be installed over the weekend. How do we do this? Our modular offices have been prefabricated and fully equipped before we deliver to the job site. Also, for your convenience, all of our modular office partitions components are fully labeled and include CAD drawings, which reduces installation time.

Traditional permanent construction is a thing of the past! Modular construction is the best option for your construction needs. And in the modular construction industry, Starrco has been the leader for over 40 years. Visit our website or contact us so we can help you plan your construction project!