Kiosks, parking booths, security guardhouses, cashier or ticket booths – what exactly are you looking to build? No matter your portable office needs, Starrco modular preassembled booth solutions offer a smart, fast and cost-effective way to expand your facilities.

Do you have a tight deadline for the completion of this modular construction project? No problem! Because our preassembled booths, modular buildings, and modular enclosures are shipped pre-equipped and fully assembled, the construction and on-site installation time will be significantly reduced, allowing you to have your offices ready for use in no time. This also allows you to easily relocate your building as needed – without incurring the high moving costs you normally would.

Now, let’s talk profitability. As mentioned above, our preassembled booths and buildings are fully pre-fabricated, which is equal to less overall construction costs for you. In addition, consider the fact that these buildings are designed to provide years of maintenance-free service and low reconfiguration costs. In other words, with Starrco Preassembled Booth you’ll be able to increase your bottom line!

Did we mention that, unlike other modular systems, Starrco Preassembled Booth and portable building solutions can be designed to include four or more stories? There are many other advantages to our modular enclosures and portable offices! Get in touch with us to find out how we can customize portable offices and building systems to meet your specific needs!