Starrguard Safety Rail Systems Add a Level of Safety

Workplace safety is especially important in the industrial and manufacturing industries, which Starrco often supports with high-quality modular construction solutions.

Continuing focus on optimizing the safety conditions of customers is important to the entire Starrco team. With renewed efforts to provide a safe place to work, Starrco emphasizes the importance that a safety guardrail system can have in a working environment. Many industrial working environments can be chaotic, with many hidden dangers for employees. Starrco’s Starrguard guardrail systems not only help protect employees working on the job site, but also provide protection for the modular structures in the facility. Starrgaurd systems are also ideal for areas with heavy machinery, which could be damaged by an accident. Accidents cause companies millions of dollars per year, which makes Starrco’s Starrguard systems a great investment. Safety on the job is important to the successful operations of a manufacturing or industrial business.

The Starrguard Safety Guard Rail system is designed specifically to help promote workplace safety for businesses of any type. Any location that has moving vehicles throughout the premises, high foot traffic, or moving machinery can benefit from a safety rail system. Accidental collisions of vehicles or one of the buildings or the equipment on site, can be prevented with a safety rail system. Starrco’s Starrguard safety rails consist of eleven gauge formed steel rails and four feet by four feet structural steel posts. Like Starrco’s structural products the safety rails are fully modular, ensuring easy installation. In the event of a business expansion or relocation, the Starrguard safety rails are easily altered.

Safety rail systems are made of roll formed steel and painted bright yellow in order to provide a visual warning of caution to passing motorists or machine operators. This product is part of Starrco’s ongoing efforts to enhance the safety of the modular buildings they provide to their customer’s of all industries and facility conditions. By making the solution to many businesses problems so easy to access, Starrco is able to avoid potential injuries and damages that could have occurred without the protection of a well-installed guardrail system. Starrco’s Starrguard guardrail systems are easily customizable in order to fit seamlessly with modular structures, which are the products Starrco specializes in.

About Starrco
Starrco has been providing modular office solutions since 1965. The success and growth of Starrco is built upon the steadfast commitment to quality, innovation and Starrco’s unparalleled customer service.

Starrco offers a wide variety of modular office systems – from single user offices to two story multiple office complexes. Modular office systems are manufactured to precisely fit the client’s application and install in a fraction of the time of conventional construction. Modular Office materials come completely finished and require no sanding or painting. Starrco offers a wide variety of materials, finishes and colors that allow customers the freedom to design systems that meet specific needs and personal style.

In addition to pre-engineered modular office systems, Starrco manufactures Modular Clean Room Systems, Floor to Ceiling Modular Office Wall Partitions, Starrguard Safety Guard Rail and Pre-Assembled Portable Offices & Buildings. With a network of factory-trained distributors, supported by our Starrco St. Louis, Missouri staff, projects are completed on time and on budget.

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