Starrco, a Modular Office System provider, has been working to increase awareness about the benefits of the modular construction method for businesses throughout the United States. Starrco has recently released a time-lapse construction video.

The video shows how quickly a modular office can be built and how little impact it has on the workplace throughout the process. Starrco’s goal is inform businesses how their organizations could benefit from a modular office solution.

This modular solutions video showcases some of the benefits inherent in the modular office construction process. Parts for the structures are built offsite and brought into a location to be assembled quickly and easily. This process results in a much faster construction time than standard construction practices. According to Starrco professionals, modular offices on average are constructed fifty percent faster than their traditional counterparts. This is ideal for businesses that are rapidly evolving and will require more space to meet their increased special needs.

Modular offices also present the opportunity to have a customizable and reconfigurable office space. For companies that are unsure of their future needs, a modular office solution provides the flexibility that allows owners peace of mind when it comes to making a preliminary decision regarding office size.

The time-lapse video also shows one of the other advantages that modular construction has to offer, which is the miniscule amount of waste produced throughout the process. Modular construction, much like ordinary construction, benefits from a streamlined fabrication process. Traditional construction can create a significant amount of waste. Starrco modular office construction eliminates much of the waste that a traditional building site would produce.

Starrco is a national company based in St. Louis, MO. In partnership with many quality dealers, Starrco would like to reach organizations that may be able to benefit from modular construction. Companies and organizations that are looking for a quick and nonintrusive construction method should consider Starrco modular office solutions to save time and money. For more information regarding modular construction solutions, visit Starrco today.