Will a modular building benefit my company more than a conventional build?  This is the question heard quite often as modular building popularity grows.  As a leader in modular office design and manufacturing, we at Starrco are happy to explain how a modular build can benefit your company. In general, they are faster and can cost half as much as conventional construction. They serve as a great solution for companies that need an office, break room or cleanroom in their manufacturing plant and have a limited construction budget.

Transportation to Site

Time is of the essence during the course of a construction project.  The longer the process, the more the end cost will be. At Starrco, all materials are pre-cut, mitered and completely finished.  There is also no need for taping, sanding or painting.  What does this mean for you?  For starters, pre-engineered modular office materials are easier and faster to install, saving you time and money.  All of our modular buildings are constructed in a state of the art facility, perfectly constructed to fulfill all your design-build needs. Once the office is about 70% finished, we will deliver (yes, deliver!) your building to site. Once delivery is complete, we will finish putting the final touches on your structure. Where else can you have a building built and delivered? Nowhere!

Tax Incentives

Choosing to go modular is not only fiscally friendly but it makes Uncle Sam happy too! In some states, tax incentives are offered in an attempt to encourage more sustainable building.  Since our products can be fully dismantled, relocated and reassembled, Starrco’s products are classified as tangible property with a seven year depreciation life.  This can be compared to a depreciation life of 39 years with a conventional construction project.

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