Each modular cleanroom project by Starrco begins with a careful needs assessment. Once we have the opportunity to familiarize our team with your needs, we begin the process of designing a cleanroom wall system that is engineered to specifically fit your application. All project components are manufactured to very precise standards that are labeled and delivered with a complete set of CAD drawings to make on-site installation quick and convenient. Our quality packaging minimizes shipping damage and any resulting delays. From initial design to the installation, Starrco can ensure that your modular cleanrooms project runs as smooth as possible.

Our modular office cleanrooms are known for their effective construction and accommodations for numerous applications, including sound or equipment enclosures and pharmaceutical applications. The interfacing ceilings, floors and walls in addition to the mechanical components provide a contaminant-free environment. This clean environment allows control of airflow, pressure, temperature, humidity and filtration. We strive and follow through on obtaining class 100 conditions to provide the best product and service to our clients.

What happens if you decide to relocate your office? No problem. Starrco’s modular cleanrooms have the capabilities to be completely dismantled, relocated and reassembled with ease and convenience. With this in mind, our customers receive a tax advantage of seven-year depreciation as opposed to 39 years with conventional construction.

For more details on our modular office cleanrooms or other modular systems by Starrco, contact us today!