The electrical components to any modular office are pivotal in the design process. If outlets and wiring are improperly installed, there’s a chance you’ll be working in the dark. At Starrco, we install all electrical applications correctly – the first time around.

 All of our electrical components are UL-listed and designed for use with a standard 120/240-volt single-phase system that operates at 60 Hz. A three-phase system is available for use on more customized orders.

 In terms of lighting, a standard light fixture is a fluorescent troffer (2’ x 4’) specifically for four 32-watt bulbs. The challenge to setting up the lighting in a modular office system is determining the amount of light necessary. Given the unique and complex formulas for lighting setup, several details go into the planning process, such as wattage, sizing, spacing and cooling mechanisms. It is also important to take into consideration where the most light is needed in any one modular office and how concentrated the light needs to be.

 Outlets are a critical component to any modular office design. By Starrco’s standards, we supply an outlet for every eight (linear) feet of wall. Some modular offices, however, do not require that many outlets. Should that be the case, we work to ensure that all work stations and locations that host equipment have enough electrical outlets for optimal functioning.

 With the “Green” movement, both our clients and our team prefer to use more eco-friendly applications for all systems. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide clients with the most cutting-edge technology by the most talented professionals in the market.

 While designing and installing modular offices as quickly and efficiently as possible is a priority for us, so is making sure that we do it correctly. Regardless your modular office needs, Starrco can fulfill them. Reach out to us today for a consultation, for answers to your questions or for more information on our current products and services. For any and all of your modular office and portable building needs, remember The Starrco Advantage.