Creating an area in your office so your employees can interact with one another is an important part to the success of your business.  Let’s face it: employees in an industrial or warehouse environment can mean standing on their feet for long periods of time. With a modular break room, your staff can count on a quiet retreat. Starrco’s modular wall systems offer a workforce a great solution by providing break rooms in which employees can socially interact, allowing for a creative flow of ideas and high morale.

To customize your break room for your company, Starrco can install electrical and communication lines — as well as sound proofing components – to eliminate any unwanted noise from loud machinery.  Heating and cooling units are also available for installation.

A Starrco-built facility can benefit you both now and in the future because they can be installed and maintained with minimal effort and are a cost-effective solution.  They can also be easily altered and reconfigured to easily accommodate the changing needs of you and your workforce.

Give your employees something to talk about by giving them a place to socialize with one of Starrco’s break room solutions! Visit us online anytime at to learn more!