When it comes to construction time savings, modular offices win hands-down. What’s been noticed though by members of the industry is that some still believe in a few ideas that are simply inaccurate. For Starrco and other portable office providers, it’s important to clear up any confusion that may exist in the customer’s mind. The truth is there are plenty of areas other than time savings in which modular construction excels.


Let’s first explore the idea that some feel modular offices are constructed faster because they are of lesser quality than conventional buildings. Upon closer examination, a customer would see that Starrco modular offices and modular buildings are designed and constructed to the same building codes as conventional buildings. Starrco’s quality assurance program also ensures that the customer receives a long-lasting product.

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Aesthetics is another area of modular offices that is often underestimated by the public. One of the frequently asked questions we hear from customers is, “What kind of aesthetic options does Starrco have offer?” Starrco offers a wide-variety of options that allows for the selection of a different combination of finishes, colors and materials that best suit your needs. To see some of the examples of modular offices with true aesthetic value, visit our photo gallery of completed projects.


Unfortunately, some customers question the utility of modular offices. For modular solution providers, this inaccuracy is a huge concern, since flexibility is actually one of the key strengths of portable office systems. After consulting with a Starrco representative, a modular customer would come to understand that modular construction solutions provide options not just in the application of the building, but also in its location. Portable office systems can easily be reconfigured to fit your needs as your company expands. If your company grows to a point where relocation is considered, you can feel confident modular construction solutions will be quick and easy.

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There will always be misconceptions that business owners must overcome. At Starrco, we have been successful by recognizing that the fallacies related to modular offices can be reduced by providing educational resources and effective consultations to our customers.

Have you heard of any other inaccuracies related to the portable office industry?