The term “mezzanine” originates from the Italian word “mezzano” meaning middle. And that’s exactly what a mezzanine does. Mezzanines utilize overhead space in the middle (between the floor and ceiling) to serve a variety of functions.

While a mezzanine may not necessarily be “counted” as a floor of a building, it is important – in fact, a miracle worker – in many offices and warehouses. It’s a very complex process to just add another floor to a building by means of conventional construction. Modular office projects, such as mezzanines, are considered to be the most convenient and cost-effective solutions in adding workspace.


  • Adding a mezzanine will cost less than half of conventional construction. They also have the capabilities of being portable and easily reconfigured if desired.
  • Mezzanines are unique by design. Some are low ceilinged and are projected in the form of a balcony. Others are more wrap-around in shape and higher off the ground. All have the ability to be customizable by material and application.

By Starrco standards, we design mezzanines for office use – whether to develop a “station” for managers to have a better view of a warehouse for supervisory purposes or to create more offices for employees to work. Fortunately, the options don’t end there. Our one-on-one consultations will help us to better determine your specific needs. Keep in mind that no job is too large or too small. Starrco is an industry leader with regards to exceeding engineering and construction for modular office systems. Below are some sample mezzanine projects by Starrco: