COST EFFECTIVE: Modular construction is a cost-effective space solution that controls the escalating costs of construction. Not only is the price comparable to stick-built, but it ensures that costs do not spiral out of control during the process.

TIME SAVINGS: Modular construction allows for an accelerated time frame and faster occupancy for schools and businesses that require quick solutions. With the efficiency afforded by modular construction, the total time from conception to completion of a modular office project can be just a few days!

QUALITY: Modular buildings provide high quality, customizable solutions that can accommodate both long or short-term workspace needs.

ENVIRONMENT: Modular construction is inherently green and environmentally friendly since off-site construction has a lesser impact on the surrounding environment.

HEALTH: Design features such as mold-resistant drywall, improved ventilation systems, and natural lighting provide a healthy environment for those using the modular space.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Modular workspaces are not all cookie-cutter space solutions. They can include LEED-focused design elements and be designed to meet the specific needs of any project. Starrco’s engineers pre-fabricate modular construction to your desired specifications – materials, colors and accessories included.

FLEXIBILITY: You can easily take apart our modular construction, relocate and reassemble it with ease. Although our solutions are moveable, they are of permanent quality and can endure well beyond the users’ temporary needs if necessary. Starrco provides fast delivery, low-cost reconfiguration, accelerated depreciation schedules, and enormous flexibility without sacrificing quality.

If you are prepared to start your next modular office project today, give our Starrco team a call at 314-567-5533 to schedule a careful needs assessment. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.