Modular clean rooms by Starrco are as versatile as your project needs. Despite the variety of applications of our modular systems, you can trust that Starrco will bring the same professionalism and expertise to every project.

Our walls, ceilings, floors, and mechanical components ensure that your modular cleanroom systems will be contaminant-free. We also guarantee minimal mess during installation because all our materials are pre-cut and mitered, so you won’t have to worry about lingering dust from taping, sanding or painting. Not only can the modular clean rooms be configured to fit a variety of needs, they can also be expanded, reconfigured or relocated.

Our modular cleanroom applications include:

-Sound Enclosures                                       -Compounding Pharmacies

-Equipment Enclosures                                -Animal Housing Lab

-Automotive Industry                                    -Aerospace Industry

-Medical Device Assembly Area                  -CMM Rooms

-Laboratories                                                -Oil Mist Enclosures

-Optic Industry                                              -Life Science Industry

-Nano Technology                                        -Meteorology Labs

-Wafer Fab Productions                               -Environmental Rooms

-Composite Industry                                     -Pharmaceutical Industry

Check out a few examples of clean room applications:

Pharmaceutical Industry

Precision is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Starrco believes precision is essential in the assembly of your clean room, which is why we use CAD drawings to design and install your modular clean room to your exact specifications. The mechanical components of our clean room systems will ensure a contaminant-free environment.



Medical Device Industry

It’s imperative that the medical devices are free of particles that could damage them. Starrco designs cleanroom systems with your project needs in mind. All of the studs in the clean rooms make it easy to add electricity and communication lines.


Sound Enclosures

We guarantee our wall panels will not only keep out contaminants but also unwanted sound. Our modular cleanroom wall panels are customizable with finishes available in vinyl, fiberglass or pre-finished aluminum.

For more information about modular clean rooms, visit our Modular Clean Room FAQ. To request a quote, click here.