From individuals adjusting their lifestyles to companies altering production methods, there has been a global effort to become more environmentally sound in recent years. If your company operates as a B2B retail business, a financial firm or even a restaurant, there are a slew of ways to go green (if you haven’t already).
At Starrco, we use green materials and production strategies in the pre-engineering of our modular office and portable building projects. Even in regular administrative operations we have changed our ways, such as reusing and recycling.

The Modular Building Institute recently commissioned a report that specifically aligned the modular construction (building) industry with prerequisites. These are imbedded into the building rating systems that the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) use. The prerequisites are primarily for new construction and major renovation projects.

Superior indoor environmental quality is typically the most desired with modular office construction. At Starrco, we have control over the materials and quality control features that provide such a desired atmosphere. Our expertise in design and development in combination with a client’s specific needs helps us to create effective modular office systems that are healthy for the environment.

Do you have environmentally friendly specifics on how you want your next modular office project to be built? We can help fulfill those through a careful needs assessment. Contact us today for information on how to get started.