If you frequent our blog, you know we are experts in the modular universe. From modular offices to portable guard shacks, we cover all areas. One structure we haven’t talked much about?

Inplant offices

You might be thinking: “Aren’t they just like any other modular office?” While they may share many similarities, there are subtle differences between types.  For a clear understanding of inplant offices and their associated benefits, we answer the following questions:

What are inplant offices?

An inplant office is an office system built within a warehouse or manufacturing plant in which it is necessary to provide administrative space away from operational activities. Typically modular inplant offices are used as a foreman office.

In what capacity are inplant offices used?

Starrco can design and manufacture inplant offices for a multitude of applications. What’s often seen is that plant supervisors have a need for an administrative area that separation them from plant floor, but not so far that they cannot respond when needed. Whether you require a single, temporary office or a two-story modular office system, Starrco has a room divider system that can be constructed to fit all types of office requirements.

How can inplant offices help my business?

In general, modular inplant offices are very advantageous. First, you’ll notice the speed in which portable offices are built. Typically, from start to finish, an inplant office is fully operable in approximately 25 percent of the time it takes to complete a conventional construction project.

If your company is considering an inplant office as an option for growth, remember the savings.  The ease in saving natural resources, the time you save in uninterrupted business and the reduction in manpower all contribute to a healthier bottom line.  Contact us about Starrco modular office systems to find out what these savings mean for you.