OSHA – the Occupational Safety & Health Administration – sets our industry’s standards and our team at Starrco takes them very seriously. Safe and ethical practices are the cornerstones to our business model.

OSHA standards are the rules that describe the methods that employers must use in order to protect their employees from hazards. Likewise, these standards help us make smart and effective decisions when it comes to product development for our clients. Some of these standards include, but are not limited to:

  • Amount of hazardous chemicals workers may be exposed to
  • Use of specific safety equipment
  • Requirement of employers to monitor hazards and keep records of workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Providing warnings/cautions of hazardous products and/or dangerous zones
  • Company compliance

Our employees are deserving of a safe work environment and our clients deserve safe modular office products. We know that our products are only as good as our team and our processes. Therefore, Starrco works hard to ensure that our staff honors OSHA’s rules, regulations and industry standards.

When working with Starrco to build your next modular office project, you can rest easy knowing that our processes make sense. If you have any questions regarding our modular office systems, schedule a one-on-one careful needs assessment with one of our experienced professionals, or just give us a call at 314.567.5533.