To kick off our “Modular vs. Stick-Built” series, Starrco is proud to announce that we’ve joined the group of companies featured in “21st Century Business,” an insightful, independently-produced business show that selects cutting-edge corporations from across the world to share their industry expertise.

The most recent edition features our own Bryan Carey, who shares Starrco’s recent success and plans for the future, as well as the features and benefits of Starrco’s modular office systems. As seen in this soon-to-be nationally televised feature, Carey describes how modular pre-engineered construction can be a very advantageous solution for business owners in a variety of industries.

As you see in the video, pre-engineered solutions provide a faster, more cost-effective option for construction projects. Further, you’ll see flexibility from modular construction that is ideal for a growing organization. From the simplest modular office to the most complex cleanroom, Starrco can deliver a hassle-free solution that is on time and on budget.

Throughout this series, we’ll breakdown the benefits of modular construction vs. stick-built construction. As always, stay tuned to our website and social media pages for more insight!