At Starrco, our modular office designers and builders are constantly coming up with ways we can not only improve as a company, but also improve our portable offices. All of us here know why our modular office systems are the best—but do you? In this blog entry, we will list the top three reasons why your business should choose a Starrco modular office.

#1 Superior Customer Service: When it comes to choosing a modular office system, it’s important that you consider its purpose before deciding on a model. We understand that— to an outsider—learning the ins and outs of our portable buildings can be overwhelming. Our modular office specialists will personally sit down with you and help you choose a design that will fit the needs of your business and staff.

#2 Multi Story Modular Offices: What makes us different from your standard modular office provider is our ability to design and construct multi-story buildings. These types of buildings come in handy if your work in manufacturing center or a distribution plant. The multi story building will allow you to utilize your portable office for multiple applications and take up less plant space.

#3 The Modular Office Store: We recently launched our very own modular office online store. The purpose: to allow you to conveniently view our inventory without leaving the confines of your home or office. We also encourage everyone to shop at our store—regardless of your location.

Starrco portable offices are suitable for all types of equipment and handling materials with custom windows and doors to handle consistent use. If you have any questions regarding our modular office systems, please feel free to drop us a line today!