How much can inplant offices really save your company?  How can a modular office, built miles away from your business, be both environmentally and economically beneficial?  Starrco modular office systems reduce wasted materials, allow for a speedy installation and cut the cost of labor considerably.

In addition to saving time, modular construction also saves on labor resources.  Fewer workers are needed to assemble the modular office systems on-site, thus saving man power and increasing efficiency.  Accidents and injuries on the job are also minimized.  Because the modular pieces are pre-made, hoists are mainly used to place larger items, decreasing the amount of heavy machinery.  Workers are able to work smarter and not harder as perhaps they do in standard construction.

Starrco is able to avoid these issues because we buy in bulk, which allows us to work on multiple projects simultaneously, thus significantly decreasing the chances of excess material. This is common practice by most modular manufacturers because when you buy in bulk, you have enough material to work on your next project, saving you time and money. Almost no waste is shipped to these sites, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill at the conclusion of construction.

If your company is considering a new inplant office as an option for growth, remember the savings you can attain.  The ease in saving natural resources, the time you save in uninterrupted business and the reduction in manpower all contribute to a healthier bottom line.  Contact us about our modular office systems to find out what these savings mean for you.