Will a modular office build benefit my company more than a conventional build?  This is the question heard more and more as modular building popularity grows.  As a leader in modular office design and manufacturing, we at Starrco are happy to explain how a modular build can benefit your company.  There are several advantages over conventional construction, and here they are…


When you are responsible for a project, whatever it is, it’s always valuable to have options.  A Starrco modular office provides you with that flexibility.  How?  Once we collect the customer’s modular building specifications, we are able to configure modular office systems in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Our pre-engineered modular office systems also easily accommodate you as your business needs change. So whether you plan to add a small modular office or completely relocate your facility, a modular build will serve you well.


Time is a significant consideration during the course of a construction project.  At Starrco, all materials are pre-cut, mitered, and completely finished.  There is also no need for taping, sanding or painting.  What does this mean for you?  For starters, pre-engineered modular office materials are easier and faster to install, saving you time and money.

How much time can you save?  According to an excellent modular information source, The Modular Building Institute, having your materials pre-engineered allows for most projects to be completed 30 percent to 50 percent sooner than a conventional project. So not only will you enjoy the peace of mind that your materials are precise, but you can look forward to the quickest and most convenient installation for modular office systems.


In addition to a flexible and pre-engineered office solution, a modular office project carries with it a significant tax advantage over conventional construction.  Since our products can be fully dismantled, relocated and reassembled, Starrco’s products are classified as tangible property with a seven year depreciation life.  This can be compared to a depreciation life of 39 years with conventional construction.

In summary, you have a substantial opportunity to save yourself and your company time and money with a modular build.  Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, you can rely on Starrco to provide you with a flexible modular office solution.  With our pre-engineered materials, we will also eliminate many of the time-consuming activities that often slow the conventional construction project.  And when you consider the associated tax advantages and time savings, a modular solution is hard to keep out of the running for your next project.