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Modular warehouse office

Starrco established the industry standard for modular office structures in 1965 and we continue to set the bar higher every year with new innovations and improvements in quality. We design and manufacture our offices with the highest-quality materials and according to your exact specifications. When your office is installed, you’ll immediately feel the quality just by opening the door.

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Starrco modular cleanroom floor

A cleanroom is any controlled environment where the air is filtered to remove finite particles and contaminants from the room. A modular cleanroom relies on prefabricated components to deliver an environment that meets even the strictest cleanroom classification requirements.

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Outdoor modular booth

Starrco preassembled booths are small structures designed to house employees or equipment. With experience fabricating and furnishing preassembled booths across all industries since 1965, Starrco is your top supplier of high-quality, durable preassembled booths.

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Grow Room Render

A grow room is an enclosed space in which plants are grown under controlled environmental conditions. The “modular” component means that it’s built using modular construction: a method that involves manufacturing standardized components (wall and ceiling panels) off-site, then transporting them for quick and simple assembly on site.

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Modular wall panels

The STARRMAX line of modular wall systems is designed for those applications where increased ceiling height is required to enclose equipment or create operational areas within a facility. Modular wall panels can also be used as a floor-to-ceiling partition to divide portions of an existing facility to set up work areas or separate a section of the plant for environmental control.

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Why Choose Starrco

At Starrco, everything we do is designed with uptime in mind, from the initial quote to the final installation. We make sure all the pieces come together with precision and personable customer service. Established in 1965, we have a legacy of product excellence and loyalty to our customers and distributors.

  • Superior Manufacturing and High-Quality Products
  • Less Stress and Downtime
  • 7-Year Tax Depreciation
  • Versatility for the Future
  • Construction of Choice

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Modular cleanroom



“Starrco buildings ship on time and install faster and easier than the competition. As an independent contractor, I have installed most of the modular office lines in the industry and found that none compare to the quality and ease of installation of Starrco’s products.”

– G. Sevilla,

“We prefer to install Starrco products because their quality is second to none. They provide the most detailed CAD drawings in the industry and their components are precisely cut for an exact, easy fit. Also, Starrco’s buildings are truly modular in that they can be easily expanded, reconfigured or relocated. We give Starrco two thumbs up.”

– K. Swanson,

“Starrco offices are a winning combination of innovation, rapid installation and excellent fit and finish. Customer satisfaction has been easy to achieve with these products.”

– D. Blumenstock,

“Starrco Modular Offices are user friendly and install in a fraction of the time of conventional construction. I have also installed competitors’ products but have found Starrco offices to be easier, faster and less expensive to install. Starrco definitely bends over backwards to make everyone happy.”

– E. Schmidt, Philadelphia

“Starrco manufactures quality portable buildings. Thye deliver on what they promise.”

– K. Clinton,

Modular room interior

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Starrco is the leading manufacturer of pre-engineered modular components. From cleanrooms and portable buildings to modular offices, floor-to-ceiling panels and beyond, everything we do is designed with uptime in mind. Our prefabricated wall panels and panelized wall systems eliminate the chaos of conventional construction.

Two-story modular office

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