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Modular Clean Rooms & Wall Systems

Modular Clean Rooms, Portable Clean Rooms, Cleanroom Wall Systems

Modular clean rooms from Starrco lead the industry in cleanroom wall systems that are pre-engineered buildings, manufactured specifically for your application. Starrco modular portable clean rooms will provide you with the most cost-effective cleanroom environment construction. Starrco modular portable clean rooms can accommodate anything from a sound or equipment enclosure to pharmaceutical applications. Our interfacing modular cleanroom wall systems, floors, ceilings and mechanical components will provide a contaminant-free environment, effectively allowing control of air flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and filtration. Since all material is pre-cut, mitered and completely finished, installation is completed quickly; with minimal mess, dust and disruption.

Class 100 Modular Clean Rooms

With Starrco modular clean rooms, class 100 cleanrooms condition can easily be obtained. Modular clean room walls are flexible. Easily and conveniently expand, reconfigure or relocate modular clean room walls as your needs change while maintaining strict environmental conditions.

Starrco modular wall systems can be completely dismantled and relocated, therefore, you get the tax advantage of 7 year depreciation as opposed to 39 years required with conventional construction. Check with your financial advisor.

Advantages & Benefits of Modular Clean Room Construction:
  • Installation in a fraction of the time of permanent construction. Saves time, money and taxes.
  • All material is pre-cut, mitered and completely finished. No taping, sanding or painting.
  • Load bearing capabilities, including 40′ clear spans.
  • Class 100 – 100,000.
  • Wall finishes include steel, aluminum, FRP, vinyl covered gypsum and hardboard.
Modular Clean Rooms Applications
  • Sound Enclosures
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Automotive Industry
  • Medical Device Assembly Areas
  • Laboratories
  • Optic Industry
  • Nano Technology
  • Wafer Fab Production
  • Composite Industry
  • Compounding Pharmacies
  • Animal Housing Labs
  • Aerospace Industry
  • CMM Rooms
  • Oil Mist Enclosures
  • Life Science Industry
  • Meteorology Labs
  • Environmental Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
Clean Room Quality Materials Engineered to Exacting Standards

Each modular clean room project begins with a careful needs assessment. The cleanroom wall system is then designed and engineered to specifically fit your application. All of our components are manufactured to our precise standards, labeled and delivered with a complete set of CAD drawings to make on-site installation quick and convenient. Our quality packaging minimizes shipping damage and the resulting delays. From initial design to finished installation, Starrco can ensure that your modular clean rooms project runs smoothly.

All studs in Starrco Portable Clean Rooms accommodate quick and easy vertical installation of electrical, data transmission and communication lines in raceways accessible from a removable cover plate.

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