Modular Cleanrooms and Cleanroom Wall Systems

What is a Modular Cleanroom?

A cleanroom is any controlled environment where the air is filtered to remove finite particles and contaminants from the room. A modular cleanroom relies on prefabricated components to deliver an environment that meets even the strictest cleanroom classification requirements. Modular cleanrooms offer the same benefits of a traditional cleanroom but are faster and more affordable to install, and are easily reconfigured or expanded to meet your facility’s changing needs.

Starcco modular clean room building

Why Choose a Starrco Modular Cleanroom?

When clean is critical, a Starrco modular cleanroom is your best choice. Our modular cleanroom systems are precision-engineered with crisp edges, accurate cuts, and precisely mitered joints. This high-quality manufacturing method ensures a tight, sealed construction and assembly that ensures your cleanroom maintains peak performance and will meet annual certification standards.

Starrco modular cleanroom systems are custom-designed and built to your specific specifications. Our cleanroom interior surfaces are all made from non-particulate shedding materials like vinyl, fiberglass, and pre-finished aluminum.

Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

From developing and testing treatments to pharmaceutical packaging, the pharmaceutical industry must meet the most stringent cleanroom standards and requirements. Due to the high control a pharmaceutical cleanroom requires, an exceptionally engineered and assembled cleanroom wall system is the #1 priority. Modular cleanrooms not only deliver the required controlled environment but also the flexibility your pharmaceutical laboratory or facility needs to grow with your product line.

Modular pharmaceutical cleanrooms are manufactured according to strict protocol and built to meet your specific standards using the highest-quality materials. The physical modular cleanroom is then fitted with the correct air filtration and return system to ensure your cleanroom meets or exceeds your pharmaceutical cleanroom standards.

Partition Walls

Medical Device Cleanrooms

The production, inspection, and packaging of medical devices is another precise process that must take place in a well-controlled environment. Medical devices are the epitome of a professional tool. There is no room for error or contamination during production or packaging. As such, they must be exceptionally sterile. This highly specialized process requires that a cleanroom must be created and maintained.

Choosing a modular cleanroom for your medical device cleanroom ensures your facility will continue to meet or exceed the most stringent safety standards. With a modular cleanroom, time to install and start production is minimal, and the cleanroom can be reconfigured at any point to suit your medical device facility’s expanding or shifting needs.

Modular Laboratories

Modular Laboratories

Prefabricated laboratories and modular laboratories offer your environment all the same benefits of a modular cleanroom — a cost-effective, controlled environment that’s delivered on your schedule and has the flexibility to adapt to your laboratory’s needs over time. Starrco’s portable, modular laboratories are ideal for both temporary labs and long-term environments, and include the following features:

  • Single-pass air conditioning system
  • Strict environmental controls
  • Lower operation costs thanks to simple operational and maintenance routines

Available according to your exact specifications in size and level of control, portable modular laboratories are designed for installation in existing buildings or warehouses, and are easily assembled and disassembled according to the demands of your business.


Electronics and Semiconductor Cleanrooms

In semiconductor and microelectronic manufacturing applications, contamination is a huge source of product failure. Environmental control is critical to the success of semiconductor wafer fabrication. Modular cleanrooms ensure you are able to deliver high product yields, without production issues or product failures.

Semiconductor cleanrooms must maximize space and house specialized equipment, which makes them a perfect fit for a modular solution. A modular cleanroom is designed to suit your specific space and equipment requirements and can be delivered and installed in a short period of time, ensuring you never lose out on production or productivity.

Modular Environmental Room

Modular Environmental Rooms

Whether your facility requires a cold room, freezer, warm room, ambient room, or another environmental room, a modular cleanroom from Starrco is the solution you need. Offering all the environmental control you need to monitor and simulate barometric pressure, altitude, humidity, temperature, and more, a modular cleanroom is a cost-effective and timely solution.

Custom-designed to suit your application, and easy to expand or relocate as necessary, a modular environmental room can meet all of your specifications, from chemical resistance to sound and fire rating requirements.

Coordinate Measuring Machine Rooms

CMM Rooms

The Starrco team has done a great deal of work developing modular solutions for manufacturing facilities. We’ve found that many facilities require a controlled environment to protect coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) or other machinery that require finite environmental control.

Modular cleanrooms are the ideal solution for CMMs operating in extreme environments like casting facilities. In addition to a modular cleanroom’s versatility and portability, it is custom-designed to your unique specifications and features all the HVAC, filtration, and thermal equipment you need to ensure your CMMs are able to make accurate, precise measurements.

Key Components of a Modular Cleanroom

Like any modular solution, a modular cleanroom is a system that combines several high-quality and precision-manufactured components to deliver an end product that functions at or above specifications.

Here are a few of the key components that make up a quality modular cleanroom:

Modular Cleanroom Wall Panels

The wall panels are perhaps the most important component of any modular cleanroom. The type of wall panel you choose can affect the cleanliness of your cleanroom, from how easy it is to sanitize to how well it seals the envelope.

Most modular cleanroom wall panels are available in three main categories:

  • Softwall modular cleanroom wall panels. Made of reinforced plastic, plastic laminate, or vinyl, softwall modular cleanroom wall panels are an affordable solution for cleanrooms that must meet standards from ISO 4 (Class 10) to ISO 8 (Class 100,000).
  • Hardwall modular cleanroom wall panels. Made of FRP, HDPE, aluminum, or vinyl, hardwall modular cleanroom wall panels are ideal for applications that must meet the strictest standards, and that require stronger, more durable construction option.
  • Rigidwall modular cleanroom wall panels. Offering the durability of a hardwall modular cleanroom with the affordability of a softwall modular cleanroom, rigidwall cleanrooms are constructed from crystal-clear, flat modular panels. Not only are they a versatile option, but they also offer a clean, professional aesthetic that effectively showcases your work to any visitor, from inspectors to investors, executives, and more.

If you are unsure which modular cleanroom wall panel is right for you, talk to a Starrco cleanroom expert. We are happy to discuss your modular cleanroom requirements, and recommend the wall panel options that best suit your application.

Modular Cleanroom Flooring

The flooring material you choose for your modular cleanroom can have an impact on the cleanliness and control you have over the environment. Common modular cleanroom flooring options include:

  • Perforated raised flooring. Allows for particulate and contaminants to flow out of the cleanroom.
  • Seamless vinyl. Reduces the ability for contaminants and particulate to collect in seams on the modular cleanroom floor.
  • Epoxy paint on concrete. Offers simple, effective cleaning and sterilization, as well as ultimate durability.

Modular Cleanroom Filter Options

The objective of any cleanroom or controlled environment is to reduce the particulate and contaminants within the room. A modular cleanroom makes use of a range of different filters to ensure dust, debris, and other particles are kept out of the cleanroom. Modular cleanroom filter options include:

  • Prefilters. Used with both ULPA and HEPA filters, prefilters work to remove the largest particles from the air before it flows into the more expensive, technical filters. They help extend the life of ULPA and HEPA filters, as they reduce the amount of work those filters must do.
  • HEPA filters. (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters) are the most commonly used option in cleanrooms. They remove particles that are 0.3μm or larger, effectively filtering out 99.99 percent of those particles from your modular cleanroom.
  • ULPA filters. (Ultra-Low Particulate Air Filters) are used in the most highly controlled cleanroom environments. They remove 99.999 percent of particles larger than 0.12μm and are most often used in exceptionally sensitive applications like semiconductor cleanrooms.

Modular Cleanroom Lighting Options

How you choose to illuminate your modular cleanroom can have a surprising effect on general cleanroom operations. Like any type of construction, incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lighting are the top three lighting options, but what’s more important to a modular cleanroom is how you implement that lighting in the modular structure.

Cleanroom lighting fixtures are an important consideration to make. A few popular options include:

  • Light Panels. Available in LED and fluorescent, cleanroom light panels are dust, corrosion, and water-resistant, and often feature seamless construction to ensure that contaminants like dust cannot collect on the fixture.
  • Light Strips. LED light strips are ideal for modular cleanrooms with strict airflow requirements. Lights strips adhere directly to the ceiling grid, which means they’re out of the way of ceiling filters and do not obstruct airflow.
  • Teardrop Lights. A more affordable option when compared to light strips, teardrop lights provide many of the same benefits. They hang down from the ceiling like a pendant light, allowing for air to flow down and around them.
  • Flow-through Modules. For modular cleanrooms that require efficient use of overhead space, flow through lighting modules are a good choice. They place fluorescent tube lights directly under the filter system, where air can flow through the module without blocking it.

Specialty Components for Modular Cleanrooms

A modular cleanroom is made up of more than four walls and an airflow and filtration system. Depending on your classification, your modular cleanroom may require additional components that enhance the cleanroom’s environmental control. Starrco supplies a comprehensive range of modular cleanroom specialty components, including:

  • Pass-Through Chambers. Allows operators to safely pass materials and samples in and out of the cleanroom, without requiring one to enter or leave the cleanroom.
  • Air Locks. For cleanrooms with higher cleanliness standards, an airlock can help reduce the amount of particulate that is introduced to the cleanroom when some person or thing exits or enters the cleanroom.
  • Gowning Rooms. Provide a controlled space for employees to don required gowning equipment and PPE before entering the cleanroom.
  • Air Showers. A more advanced version of an airlock, air showers blow filtered air at gowned employees to safely shake off any particulate or contaminants before they enter the cleanroom.

Starrco Modular Cleanrooms

Starrco leads the industry in pre-engineered, modular cleanroom systems. Manufactured specifically for your unique application, our systems offer the most cost-effective value-driven cleanroom option on short lead times. Contact us today to get started on your project and begin the process of designing the custom modular cleanroom that is perfect for your application and location.