Starrco Videos & Timelapses

Our selection of videos & timelapses demonstrate the power of Starrco.

Starrco Factory Tour

This video highlights our people & processes. Both are fundamental to what makes Starrco a success.

Enter the World of Modular

A 3D rendering of how a Starrco interior build-out comes together.

SG-200 Installation Guide

The power of the Starrco SG-200 is on full display in this handy video created to guide you through the installation process. Also available as a step-by-step playlist.


Installation Instruction Playlist

Introducing the HP Panel

The newest panel that Starrco offers is our High Performance panel. It is the most versatile & lightweight panel in our arsenal. Perfect for a wide variety of applications.

Two-story installation timelapse

See for yourself how easy a Starrco install is. Work continues on the floor even during construction.

Starrco Cleanroom Walkthru

Check out a Starrco cleanroom up close & personal.

Starrco Grow Room timelapse

A timelapse of a Starrco grow room installation.