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Ticket Booths for Sale

Portable ticket booths from Starrco are ideal for small revenue events or for handling larger events with thousands of visitors. Whether your business is putting on a concert, movie night, trade show or any other gathering, ticket booths from Starrco are easy to set up and move. They’re versatile for indoor and outdoor use.

Where a Portable Ticket Booth Fits in Your Business

Portable ticket booths can be used for a range of events:

  • Sports ticket booth
  • Security office
  • Concert ticket booth
  • Ticket booths for other events
  • Trade or convention show registration booth
  • Merchandise sales area

Benefits of a Portable Ticket Booth

Browse any ticket booth for sale at Starrco and consider these advantages:

You’ll need to have everything ready before your event, and with modular ticket booths, installation is 70% faster than conventional construction. The booth is easy to disassemble and move, too, saving you time and money while allowing you to reuse it.

Starrco components are precision-engineered in highly controlled environments, reducing emissions and waste.

A portable ticket booth from Starrco can be made to fit your event with the finishes and the space you need, whether you have two ticket takers and multiple kiosks or just one person selling tickets.

Our portable ticket booths are made from quality materials. They’ll keep ticket takers separate from the crowds and protect them from the elements, helping your event go off without a hitch.

Ticket booth installation from Starrco is 70% faster than conventional construction.

In addition, as with all of Starrco’s exterior modular office systems, these portable ticket booths are pre-assembled with fully functional electrical systems and anodized aluminum or steel construction with a rust-retardant finish. Modular building walls, ceilings and floors have a solid impact-resistant core with a durable aluminum or vinyl-covered finish that stands up to the elements for minimal maintenance. A portable ticket booth from Starrco has optional climate control systems, counters and windows that customize your portable ticket booth to handle any type of situation. Starrco pre-manufactured ticket booths use double sliding aluminum windows with locking devices, glazed with 1/8″ clear tempered safety glass for security and personal safety. All portable booths are shipped fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

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