Environmental Rooms

Many industries require a controlled environment to complete sensitive work, but not all require the extreme regulation of airborne particles found in cleanrooms. For comprehensive yet cost-effective control, modular environmental rooms are the perfect solution.

What Are Environmental Rooms?

Environmental rooms are designed for the purpose of regulating internal climate including heat, refrigeration and humidity control. Environmental rooms are the ideal choice for many industries looking for a cost-effective alternative to highly-controlled cleanrooms.

For many applications, from quality control chambers to grow rooms, environmental rooms allow work to continue in a controlled space that’s still perfectly suited to unique project needs, without rigorous air quality standards. Environmental rooms can still be fully customized to meet each application and budget, but you don’t have to worry about complying with classification requirements or maintaining expensive HEPA filters.

What Are the Key Benefits of an Environmental Room?

An environmental room offers many of the same benefits of a cleanroom, but in a more affordable package. It is always constructed with high-quality materials and includes delicate controls that allow you to monitor and regulate temperature and humidity inside the room.

Starrco environmental rooms are all built using modular components to ensure they can easily be assembled onsite with just a few hands. Even with all of the customizations your project demands, modular construction delivers a simple, efficient installation process that helps you get that environmental room up and running as quickly as possible.

Environmental rooms don’t need to comply with strict ISO requirements for air quality, but still offer delicate controls over temperature and humidity. You’ll be able to monitor and adjust the climate in your room to provide the ideal environment for your work.

Whether you need to maintain a cool environment to offset heat from machinery or heat your space to keep personnel comfortable, your environmental room will offer full refrigeration and heating capabilities. Starrco environmental room designers will take all of your project needs into consideration to develop systems that perform optimally in all conditions.

Your modular environmental room is designed to work perfectly for you and your space. We can complete the installation to work with existing walls and structural details, or design a freestanding environmental room for your facility.

Every environmental room comes with user-friendly controls to regulate the climate as you see fit. You’ll always be able to access detailed information about your environment and fine-tune settings to get everything just right. Sensitive monitoring systems will maintain your settings and alarm you of any unexpected deviations.

Modular cleanroom

Starrco Environmental Room Features

Starrco is known for its high-quality modular construction panels and components. When you work with us to get the ideal environmental room for your facility, you can trust that it will be custom-made for your application and fabricated to your exact specifications. Our controlled environments can be made to order for any industry, and include all the features you need to make your project a success.

  • Superior modular construction (flexible for future reconfiguration if necessary)
  • Pressure, temperature, and humidity control with defined tolerances
  • Room monitoring and control systems
  • Floor or roof-mounted air handling units
  • Interlocks and insulated window options available
  • More custom features uniquely suited to your project

Starrco Cleanroom Checklist

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