Environmental Rooms


Environmental rooms such as Starrco’s controlled clean room environment enclosures are engineered to maintain precise environmental conditions. A modular cleanroom environment allows you to simulate barometric pressure, altitude, humidity, and temperature in any modular cleanroom configuration to fit your needs. Starrco modular cleanroom environments are pre-fabricated buildings to meet your exact size and design specifications. Portable wall partitions can be of a variety of modular cleanroom construction material available to meet chemical resistance, sound, and fire rating requirements as well as thermally insulated to support the necessary cleanroom environment needed.

Starrco custom modular clean room construction is a cost-effective and timely answer to your clean room environment needs. The pre-engineered environmental building design allows you to immediately put a facility into use and quickly adapt with minimal installation and avoid costly down time. Starrco environmental rooms can be fully equipped and are easily expanded (advantages of relocatable buildings) when the need arises.

  • Cold Rooms, Freezers, Warm Rooms, and Ambient Rooms.
  • Pressure, Temperature, and humidity control with defined tolerances.
  • Room monitoring and control systems.
  • Modular wall, ceiling, and floor panel systems easily reconfigured.
  • Air handling units can be floor or roof mounted.
  • Interlocks and insulated window options are available.
  • Applications include CMM, Cleanrooms, and Modular Machine Enclosures.
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