Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“Starrco’s Wall System went together very well and was a pefect fit for our cleanroom. I was very happy with the result.”

“From top to bottom, Starrco is one of the best-run suppliers we deal with. We use them as a model to evaluate other potential suppliers. Their customer service, detailed design and quality products are second to none. Starrco and their products are top of the line.”

“We are extremely satisfied with our Starrco Office System. Sales and engineering were very helpful in addressing our specific needs as a food processing company. We were able to get the building approved by the USDA.”

“Starrco manufactures quality portable buildings. Thye deliver on what they promise.”

“Starrco integrated our separate buildings into one seamless unit. They detailed the project on the front end and then took care of all the loose ends. Starrco does a great job.”

“I chose Starrco because of their competitive price and product flexibility.”

“Starrco offices are a winning combination of innovation, rapid installation and excellent fit and finish. Customer satisfaction has been easy to achieve with these products.”

“Starrco Modular Offices are user friendly and install in a fraction of the time of conventional construction. I have also installed competitors’ products but have found Starrco offices to be easier, faster and less expensive to install. Starrco definitely bends over backwards to make everyone happy.”

“We prefer to install Starrco products because their quality is second to none. They provide the most detailed CAD drawings in the industry and their components are precisely cut for an exact, easy fit. Also, Starrco’s buildings are truly modular in that they can be easily expanded, reconfigured or relocated. We give Starrco two thumbs up.”

“Starrco buildings ship on time and install faster and easier than the competition. As an independent contractor, I have installed most of the modular office lines in the industry and found that none compare to the quality and ease of installation of Starrco’s products.”

Two-story in-plant office

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