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Modular Conference Rooms

A conference room is a vital space in any office. With a modular conference room, you’ll get all the benefits & versatility of modular construction for your conference room space. Faster installation, more options, longterm & tax benefits make modular the perfect choice for your new conference room.

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Starrco specializes in an interior modular or in-plant conference room that’s spacious, professional and provides a comfortably appointed environment that inspires a constructive and lively group discussion.

Starrco has high-end portable conference rooms suitable for virtually any situation. In order to effectively and practically convey information between staff and suppliers, it is important to have space within the workplace where it possible to meet and discuss ongoing operations. After all, one of the critical factors in leadership is communication. Businesses involved in production can sometimes find it difficult to have effective office space within the workplace to get together with staff. Enter our modular structures. Starrco offers various types of modular conference room enclosures to allow you to have high-quality modular meeting room space, built within your operations plant or workspace.

For your modular conference room, choose from commercial-grade steel or wood doors with wall panels available in multiple colors and optional wall finishes in vinyl, painted aluminum, painted steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic and more. Experience the quality of Starrco in-plant office rooms and the ease of our portable enclosures for your conference room needs. The modular conference room enclosures can be entirely customized to meet company standards and design, maintaining consistency with interiors throughout your building. Another advantage offered by modular conference rooms is the ability to adapt to the changing needs of your business. The components of a Starrco portable conference room can be moved easily and the whole modular structure can be modified to suit your needs. Starrco delivers a durable, affordable, and attractive modular structures for conference rooms of every size and type, typically completed up to 70% faster than conventional construction.

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Ready to increase your facility’s indoor office space? Starrco will outfit your facility with a durable, efficient modular building. Please request a quote online to begin planning your modular in-plant office.

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Advantages of Modular Conference Room

Working with Starrco to add a modular building inside your facility is an excellent decision for your business. You’ll obtain the workspace your staff needs while taking advantage of the benefits of modular construction, such as:

Modular construction facilitates fast lead times by consolidating labor and using detailed computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to develop easy-to-assemble modules. Our lead times are 50%-75% faster than conventional construction.

Modular construction limits total project expenses by reducing downtime and combining the work that various trade professionals would complete into one bill.

You can deduct a modular office’s depreciation over seven years, allowing you to write off more income at once than you can for conventional buildings.

Modular structures are customizable, so they can fulfill numerous purposes. You can also scale your office up or down as needed.

Modular construction’s efficiency optimizes material use to reduce waste and limit manufacturing emissions.