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Keep costs down with a prefabricated laboratory from the experts at Starrco. Starrco modular labs deliver greater flexibility, enhanced security, and shorter procurement times when compared to traditionally constructed laboratories. Our prefabricated, modular laboratories are designed to suit any application, with features and customizations serving everything from temporary labs to long-term, specialized laboratory applications.

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What is a Modular Laboratory?

A modular laboratory, also known as a prefab laboratory, is a laboratory that is designed and built to suit any space with high-quality prefabricated components. Modular labs are ideal for any application, but they are especially well-suited to those facilities looking for a lab that is easy to reconfigure or relocate. Prefabricated labs can be installed or dismantled in just hours, and provide the safe, secure, and precisely controlled environment your laboratory needs to effectively complete research and testing.

Benefits of Choosing a Prefabricated Laboratory

Modular or prefabricated laboratories offer a range of benefits to any application, from a field research lab to a permanent medical testing laboratory. Each component is custom-designed to fit any space or location while relying on standardized building principles that facilitate fast installation and simple maintenance routines. Modular laboratories offer the durable, long-term solution that your facility needs, faster and at a more attractive investment cost than traditionally constructed labs. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with choosing a prefabricated laboratory.

Modular Labs are Engineered to Your Specifications

Whether you need a small, portable lab for the field or a larger laboratory built within an existing structure, modular labs are engineered to meet your specifications. Quality modular lab providers like Starrco start with a site visit to better understand your needs and your existing space. With a clear picture of what you’re looking for, we are able to create a design that fits your exact specifications.

Prefabricated Laboratories Offer A Shortened Delivery Time

While prefab and modular labs are designed to fit your space perfectly, they are also manufactured using standardized principles that make customization and delivery fast. Unlike traditionally constructed laboratories, prefab labs are custom-built and delivered to your site in just weeks. And because modular labs arrive onsite with every component and ready-to-install, you can have your new lab up and running in just hours.

Modular Laboratories are Designed for Relocation and Expansion

Prefabricated laboratories also offer the benefit of simple scalability. Many applications require portable laboratories that can be broken down, moved, and reinstalled at a new field or research locations. For applications like these, modular laboratories are the ideal solution. With standardized components that are simple to install, dismantle, and reconfigure, modular labs guarantee an easy move.

Modular cleanroom

Easily Enhance Existing Labs or Add On New and Specialized Capabilities

When new construction isn’t the best solution for your laboratory, modular labs offer the ability to enhance or add on new capabilities quickly and easily. Prefabricated laboratory components are engineered to fit your existing structure, helping you reconfigure your spaces and add on advanced environmental controls, without the hassle of building from scratch.

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Starrco Modular Laboratories

Starrco is an industry-leading manufacturer of modular offices, buildings, and cleanrooms. Our expertise in the manufacture of modular components, combined with our systems’ ability to meet stringent cleanroom requirements ensures that our modular laboratories are uniquely suited to exceed your expectations. The benefits of choosing a Starrco modular lab start with our proven construction and delivery process, and end with exceptional service and quality components.

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Starrco’s Proven Construction & Delivery Process

Every Starrco modular lab project starts with an on-site visit to determine your space and your needs for this new or improved laboratory. With a clear picture of your project and your space, our expert design team creates a plan for your new modular lab. From there, your modular lab is carefully constructed and assembled at our controlled manufacturing facility. Once each component has been manufactured, measured, and confirmed against your specifications, your entire lab is shipped directly to your facility, complete with detailed CAD drawings for simple installation.

Starrco Modular Laboratory Features

Starrco modular and prefabricated labs combine our precision-engineered modular components and our cleanroom-quality environmental controls to deliver you the very best in quality, affordability, and long-term reliability. An investment in a Starrco modular lab is one you can feel confident about. Here are just some of the features that make a Starrco modular laboratory stand out:

Starrco modular laboratories include:

Our prefabricated labs offer a number of customization options based on your unique needs. We are here to design and install the prefabricated laboratory that meets your requirements and specifications. Starrco modular laboratories include, but are not limited to, the following features:

  • Single-pass air conditioning system for clean, filtered air that’s safe for your controlled environment.
  • Cleanroom-grade environmental controls accommodate even the stringent requirements of a cleanroom. Our modular labs are designed and developed to deliver the environmental controls necessary for the safe operation of your laboratory.
  • Durable structural members of either powder-coated aluminum or rust-retardant steel ensure your modular lab is built for years of maintenance-free service.
  • Solid, impact-resistant core wall panels suit a range of modular laboratory needs.
  • Chemical-resistant surfaces make for safe processes and easy cleanup in any laboratory.
  • Durable aluminum or vinyl-covered finishes make for simple cleaning and long-term durability.

Starrco Cleanroom Checklist

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