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The STARRMAX line of modular wall systems is designed for those applications where increased ceiling height is required to enclose equipment or create operational areas within a facility. Modular wall panels can also be used as a floor-to-ceiling partition to divide portions of an existing facility to set up work areas or separate a section of the plant for environmental control.


The STARRMAX modular wall system is available in heights up to 30′ tall for floor-to-ceiling applications. As with all of our interior systems, the STARRMAX wall is completely demountable. Modular wall panels can be reused, reconfigured or modified easily allowing for maximum flexibility in today’s modern facility with its ever changing workflow requirements.

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Tall Wall Specifications

The pre-engineered modular wall system shall be STARRMAX Tall Wall as manufactured by Starrco Company, Incorporated, St. Louis, MO.

Wall Panels:
DL Panels
Modular wall panels shall be a sandwich type construction with ½” vinyl covered gypsum board laminated to both sides of 2” thick noncombustible 1 lb. density expanded polystyrene core. Total panel thickness is 3”. Panel carries a Class A flame spread when tested in accordance to ASTM E-2768. Insulation value R-11.

Optional Finishes:
Optional modular wall coverings include painted aluminum, painted steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), Melamine, cork, PVC, etc.

H Studs
Studs shall be extruded from 6063 aluminum alloy with T6 temper. Studs are on either side of a 3” steel tube structural column.

Optional wire studs are available which allow for electrical, data processing and communication lines to be run vertically in a raceway accessible from a removable cover plate.

Two piece design of the optional wiring stud provides access to both sides for wiring of electrical devices and communication receptacles.

Floor and Track shall be extruded from 6063 aluminum alloy with T6 temper. Track shall be precut and mitered to eliminate need for field cutting. Overall thickness of system at floor and ceiling track is 3-7/16”

Finish: The aluminum extrusions and panels are available in “Khaki”, White or Grey Finish. Special color finishes are available.

Height: Our modular wall system is available in heights from 16′ to 30′. The modular wall panels will be spliced. Splice location will depend upon the panel construction or finish.

General Specifications

Several items, which Starrco supplies, are common to all of our pre-engineered modular office spaces. For convenience, these items are listed below.

Doors shall be 3070 20 gauge commercial grade steel door with honeycomb core. Each door is equipped with 1 ½ pair of 4 ½” x 4 ½” ball bearing hinges and a stainless steel key-in knob commercial-grade (ANSI A156-2) lockset. The top half of the door shall be glazed with
1/4” tempered safety glass.

The doorframe for all three modular wall systems shall be 18-gauge steel, three-piece frame, mortised to accept hinges. Door & frame to be painted to match wall color.
**Other Doors Available Upon Request**

Fixed window shall be nominal 4′ wide x 3′ high. Window is glazed at the factory with 1/4” tempered safety glass in an extruded aluminum frame.
The 1/4” tempered glass complies with ASTM C 1048 and ANSI Z97.1-1984.

Suspended ceiling consists of commercial quality 2′ x 4′ white mineral fiber tiles supported in an intermediate duty white painted steel grid. The ceiling tiles have a CAC Rating of 35-39 and are Class A noncombustible.

Dust cover shall be 22 gauge, type B, 1 ½” ribbed steel deck, prime painted gray. The dust cover is designed to support mechanical equipment and maintenance personnel.

All electrical materials supplied by Starrco are U.L. listed and meet N.E.C. requirements.
Electric package consists of 2′ x 4′ four lamp T-8 fluorescent troffer type light fixtures, 120v duplex receptacles, 120v light switch and a 125-amp load center with appropriate circuit breakers. Electric package does not include lamps or wire.

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