Compounding Pharmacies

Today, compounding pharmacies need versatile facilities to specialize in the preparation of medicines that are customized to meet the needs of specific patients. This includes preparing medicines for patients who have allergies to certain ingredients found in mass-produced drugs, medicines that have been discontinued by a manufacturer, or medicines of a different dosage or concentration than that which is typically available. Compounding pharmacies allow for more options and customization than are typically available from pharmaceutical companies. Modular cleanroom facilities fill the need for ever-changing environments to suit various configurations.

A compounding pharmacy or a pharmaceutical mixing lab must now be class 10,000 (ISO 7). An economical way to incorporate this new regulation is by installing a modular pharmacy cleanroom. Modular cleanroom walls not only help to create a cleaner environment for the compounding process, but can also provide storage for pharmaceutical materials. The modular cleanroom walls can be customized to accommodate any layout requirements for your compounding pharmacy. Filtration systems can also be easily incorporated into the compounding pharmacies to create a complete cleanroom package.

Pre-fabricated offices and buildings with modular walls and ceiling systems can be a fast and cost-efficient solution for cleanrooms. Often with a setup such as a pharmaceutical clean room, connections can be made to existing plumbing and electric to provide the required needs of the facility. A modular pharmacy cleanroom can be set up in place, and qualified in place according to state pharmacy regulations.

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