Powder Coating Rooms

In most powder spraying operations, even those spray technologies with a high transfer ratio; a significant amount of powder overspray is produced. Using a modular powder coating booth (or similar type portable shelter) confines paint overspray in a partially enclosed area within an exterior portable building or portable and modular enclosure.

Starrco powder containment and collection is especially important for manual spraying operation (when personnel are in close proximity to the powder sprayer.) Portable cleanroom technology such as powder coating booths can protect your workers and aid in recapture of powder from overspray.

Our portable wall partitions and powder coating booths allow you the flexibility to easily and conveniently expand, reconfigure or relocate as your needs change, while maintaining strict environmental conditions. The design of the studs allows removal and replacement of the wall panel without disturbing the adjacent walls. Our interfacing wall partitions, floors, ceilings and mechanical components will provide a sealed environment, effectively allowing control of air flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and filtration. Starrco powder coating booths are built for containment and proper filtration is needed to ensure the safety of spray operators and nearby employees. With optional equipment, powder can be captured and re-used, thus increasing the ROI of the portable enclosure.


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