Shipping & Receiving Offices

Modular Shipping & Receiving Offices

A shipping & receiving office is a vital part of any functioning warehouse or factory environment. Shipping & receiving offices create a separated space on your floor where you can conduct important business without worrying about dust, debris, & sound. Modular construction is ideal for a quality shipping & receiving office as it saves you time, money, & headaches.

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Indoor modular warehouse office with guard rails

Modular wall systems provide a secure, comfortable working environment perfect for shipping and receiving office modules.

An in-plant Starrco modular shipping and receiving office isolates operation areas from outside distraction and truck noise. A modular shipping and receiving office also protects employees and products from truck fumes and other outside factors such as temperature and inclement weather by using portable wall partitions with thermal insulation and optional HVAC controls and filtrations. Starrco’s pre-fabricated portable receiving offices are made of quality wall construction ideal for sealing off sound and environmental intrusion. These portable inplant offices are typically constructed with large windows for monitoring personnel and access to docks providing a secure area as an entry point.

The advantages of Starrco modular shipping and receiving offices are numerous. Usually, from start to finish, a custom built, pre-engineered office module is ready for operation in approximately 25% of the time it takes to complete conventional construction. Normally, the licensing, permitting and approval process of permanent construction is a time consuming process. Modular buildings and portable offices, such as a shipping and portable receiving office, provide more value for your purchasing dollar. Starrco safety guard rail systems are also available to protect your modular shipping & receiving offices. And, obviously, modular construction is portable, providing flexibility for expansion and relocation to fit your needs as your business grows.


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Advantages of Modular Shipping & Receiving Offices

Working with Starrco to add a modular building inside your facility is an excellent decision for your business. You’ll obtain the workspace your staff needs while taking advantage of the benefits of modular construction, such as:

Modular construction facilitates fast lead times by consolidating labor and using detailed computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to develop easy-to-assemble modules. Our lead times are 50%-75% faster than conventional construction.

Modular construction limits total project expenses by reducing downtime and combining the work that various trade professionals would complete into one bill.

You can deduct a modular office’s depreciation over seven years, allowing you to write off more income at once than you can for conventional buildings.

Modular structures are customizable, so they can fulfill numerous purposes. You can also scale your office up or down as needed.

Modular construction’s efficiency optimizes material use to reduce waste and limit manufacturing emissions.