Sound & Dust Enclosures

Modular Sound & Dust Enclosures

Sound, paint & dust enclosures based on Starrco modular clean room construction can address your need for sound, dust and paint enclosures to comply with government regulations and manufacturing standards that often require sound and contamination control.

Portable enclosure systems can protect against escaping contaminants and Starrco’s quality modular wall construction can sound proof semi-permanent/portable structures to isolate excessively loud equipment from personnel. A portable clean room can also be configured to contain dust and airborne debris with a pre-fabricated unit (such as a sound, paint, and dust enclosure) to house industrial processes.

Starrco prefab clean rooms are a cost-effective and timely answer to your environmental enclosure needs. The pre-engineered modular building design allows you to immediately put a facility into use and quickly adapt with minimal installation and avoid costly down time. Starrco prefab clean room structures can be fully equipped and are easily expanded (advantages of relocatable buildings) when the need arises. Each clean room construction project begins with a careful needs assessment. The sound, paint, and dust enclosure is then designed and engineered to specifically fit your modular application. All of our components are manufactured to our precise standards, labeled and delivered with a complete set of CAD drawings to make on-site clean room installation quick and convenient. Our quality packaging minimizes shipping damage and the resulting delays. From initial design to finished installation, Starrco can ensure that your prefab clean room project runs smoothly.

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