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Modular lactation rooms (also known as Mother Rooms) allow for discretion and privacy in even the most chaotic of work environments. Unlike with conventional construction, a modular solution allows your plant or office to remain operational while installation is happening. With added features like HVAC, sound control, tax benefits, & a non-progressive design (allowing you to change or build your lactation room as you see fit), modular is the best option for your new lactation room.

Modular Tall Wall Room

What is a Modular Lactation Room?

A lactation or mother room is a space in the workplace where recent mothers can fulfill their needs with discretion and privacy. Lactation rooms are a necessity in many workplaces, both offices and warehouses or manufacturing plants. However, traditional construction prices and time frames prevent many businesses from moving forward with their lactation room plans. Modular construction offers a solution.

Why do I need to provide lactation space for my employees?

Those who are breastfeeding need to pump 2-4 times a day. An average pumping session takes 20 minutes. Providing a private, clean, and fully functional lactation space for breastfeeding workers is crucial to physical and mental health for new mothers, and significantly increases productivity.

A fully functional mothers room will provide private refrigeration and running water for comfortable and proper milk storage and sanitation of pumping equipment.

How long do I need to a provide lactation space / mothers room for my employee?

Talk to your employee about their plans to pump upon returning to work.

What are the laws on providing lactation space at work?

Please refer to the resources below regarding federal and state laws governing breastfeeding, lactation space, and compliance.

Link: National Conference of State Legislatures – Breastfeeding Laws by State


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Advantages of Modular Lactation Rooms

Working with Starrco to add a modular building inside your facility or office is an excellent decision for your business. You’ll obtain the private space your staff needs while taking advantage of the benefits of modular construction, such as:

Modular construction facilitates fast lead times by consolidating labor and using detailed computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to develop easy-to-assemble modules. Our lead times are 50%-75% faster than conventional construction.

Modular construction limits total project expenses by reducing downtime and combining the work that various trade professionals would complete into one bill.

You can deduct a modular office’s depreciation over seven years, allowing you to write off more income at once than you can for conventional buildings.

Modular structures are customizable, so they can fulfill numerous purposes. You can also scale your office up or down as needed.

Modular construction’s efficiency optimizes material use to reduce waste and limit manufacturing emissions.

Our Process

Starrco is here to welcome you to the world of modular. You can count on us for a smooth, transparent process that prioritizes your needs. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Consultation: We’ll visit your facility to speak with you and assess your space. Elements like application, size, location, performance, portability, and your schedule will all factor into the final design of your modular lactation room.
  • Design and manufacturing: We’ll develop schematics for your approval, then get to work fabricating each component. Our experts will prepare the modules at our facility so they’re ready for a quick assembly when they arrive at yours.
  • Delivery and installation: We’ll transport the modules from our facility to yours, along with a CAD drawing and directions for assembly. You can assemble the office yourself or have our team do it.