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Modular In-Plant Offices

Starrco modular in-plant offices empower you to provide your workforce with the space needed for peak performance. We’ll get to know your needs and manufacture a module office building that puts them first. From indoor distribution centers to conference rooms and temporary office space, Starrco will customize a modular structure for your application. Request a free quote today!

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What Is a Modular In-Plant Office?

An in-plant office is one that you build inside your building. In-plant offices can be anything from mail rooms to security stations, office spaces, break rooms, and beyond. Building an in-plant office building will allow you to optimize your facility’s available space. However, traditional construction prices and time frames prevent many businesses from moving forward with their in-plant office plans. Modular construction offers a solution.

Modular in-plant offices are different from those built using traditional construction methods. Rather than building structures from scratch at the job site, we engineer and manufacture modular in-plant offices at our facility.

The building will meet your side requirements while adhering to all relevant codes. We’ll equip your office with essential features like heat, air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, and lighting.

The final product consists of a series of components that we deliver to your job site for assembly. The components are modules from a pre-made design that you can scale over time as needs change.

Starrco modular office

In-Plant Office Applications

We design modular offices for manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, storage warehouses, and other commercial environments. Your business can use a modular building for numerous in-plant applications, including:

  • Foreperson offices.
  • Administrative offices.
  • Machine control rooms.
  • Supply rooms.
  • Break rooms.
  • Data centers.
  • Coating or painting booths.

Advantages of In-Plant Modular Offices

Working with Starrco to add a modular building inside your facility is an excellent decision for your business. You’ll obtain the workspace your staff needs while taking advantage of the benefits of modular construction, such as:

Modular construction facilitates fast lead times by consolidating labor and using detailed computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to develop easy-to-assemble modules. Our lead times are 50%-75% faster than conventional construction.

Modular construction limits total project expenses by reducing downtime and combining the work that various trade professionals would complete into one bill.

You can deduct a modular office’s depreciation over seven years, allowing you to write off more income at once than you can for conventional buildings.

Modular structures are customizable, so they can fulfill numerous purposes. You can also scale your office up or down as needed.

Modular construction’s efficiency optimizes material use to reduce waste and limit manufacturing emissions.

Our Process

Starrco is here to welcome you to the world of modular. You can count on us for a smooth, transparent process that prioritizes your needs. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Consultation: We’ll visit your facility to speak with you and assess your space. Elements like application, size, location, performance, portability, and your schedule will all factor into the final design of your modular in-plant office.
  2. Design and manufacturing: We’ll develop schematics for your approval, then get to work fabricating each component. Our experts will prepare the modules at our facility so they’re ready for a quick assembly when they arrive at yours.
  3. Delivery and installation: We’ll transport the modules from our facility to yours, along with a CAD drawing and directions for assembly. You can assemble the office yourself or have our team do it.

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5 Design Considerations for In-Plant Modular Offices

Using modular offices as your in-plant buildings offers a superior design scope over traditional structures, making them a great addition to any warehouse space. As you design your modular office, you will want to keep the following factors in mind:

Before you begin designing your modular office, consider your building’s goals and purpose. If your building will be a place for administrative tasks, you will want to ensure it is quiet and has plenty of meeting spaces. For modular offices that will serve as breakrooms, you will want to create a comfortable space for employees to relax in during their day.

You will also want to consider the dimensions of your modular building and various clearances around the building site. For example, overhead wiring and pipelines may affect the amount of space you have for your office. Another consideration should be transportation to your site since most of the building will be pre-assembled before it arrives. Some traffic elements include ensuring your office space meets all traffic light clearances and overhead bridge restrictions.

While modular buildings are quick to construct, you will need enough time to assemble them while still meeting your schedule and project goals. Since modular offices are customizable, you can add additional elements such as soundproofing or bigger windows while sticking to your budget.

How your office looks on the inside is just as important as how it looks on the outside. Some design factors you may want to keep in mind for your in-plant office buildings include:

  • Creating a diverse range of workspaces to meet various business needs
  • Investing in practical elements like additional lighting or soundproof conference rooms

One of the many great things about modular offices is that you can easily upgrade or downsize them to meet your warehouse’s changing needs. This ability will allow you to pick a layout you can easily modify over time.

Modular office

Starrco Modular In-Plant Offices

At Starrco, we offer two variations of our industrial modular buildings for in-plant offices. Each model has a unique wire wall stud system that we manufacture using 6063 aluminum alloy with T6 temper. The studs support the structure and feature channels for electrical and telecommunications wires.

The Starrspace 3000 features a two-piece stud. Each piece has a full-size column for electrical wiring. The Starrspace 3500 also features a two-piece design. The second piece is a small column we design to hold a steel support beam, making the Starrspace 3500 the ideal choice for taller structures.

Modular staircase

Our modular in-plant offices are available with features that allow employees to work peacefully and productively inside while still overseeing the warehouse floor. We can incorporate the following elements based on your needs:

  • Pre-wired electrical infrastructure with a 125-amp circuit breaker box
  • Heating, cooling, and ventilation
  • Hollow core wood, insulated steel, or tempered glass doors that swing or slide
  • Tempered safety glass windows
  • Drop ceiling panels with lighting
  • Insulated 3-inch walls
  • Sound-tight construction
  • Dust covers
  • Exterior safety guard rails

Why should you work with Starrco?

Rapid Quote Request

Starrco stands by our rapid quote request turnaround. We work to provide accurate project estimates for most requests in as little as 24 hours, though some larger projects may require more time.

Versitile Solutions

Our products are made to fit your application— whatever that application may be — now, and well into the future. Built for your business today and designed to fit your future, too.

Fastest Installation

Get your project up and running when you need it most. Starrco solutions install 70% faster than conventional construction.

Superior Manufacturing Technology

Every Starrco component is precision-engineered in our controlled environments by experienced technicians. We only deliver the highest quality products.

Dependable & Personable Customer Service

Excellent, responsive customer service is one of Starrco’s core values. From our sales team to our engineering & design experts, everyone here cares about your end result.

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