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Modular Packaging Facilities

Starrco established the industry standard for modular office structures in 1965 and we continue to set the bar higher every year with new innovations and improvements in quality. We design and manufacture our structures with the highest-quality materials and according to your exact specifications. When your packaging facility is installed, you’ll immediately feel the quality just by opening the door. With solid, well-constructed components, a Starrco modular office is exactly the solution your facility and your employees need.

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What Is a Modular Packaging Facility?

A packaging facility is exactly what it sounds like, it is where your products get properly packaged and ready to ship. Building a packaging facility will allow you to optimize your facility’s available space. However, traditional construction prices and time frames prevent many businesses from moving forward with their plans. Modular construction offers a solution.

Modular facilities are different from those built using traditional construction methods. Rather than building structures from scratch at the job site, we engineer and manufacture everything at our facility.

The building will meet your requirements while adhering to all relevant codes. We’ll equip your facility with essential features like heat, air conditioning, ventilation, electricity, and lighting.

The final product consists of a series of components that we deliver to your job site for assembly. The components are a non-progressive design that you can scale over time as needs change.

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Advantages of a Modular Packaging Facility

Working with Starrco to add a modular packaging facility is an excellent decision for your business. You’ll obtain the controlled space your staff needs while taking advantage of the benefits of modular construction, such as:

Modular construction facilitates fast lead times by consolidating labor and using detailed computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to develop easy-to-assemble modules. Our lead times are 50%-70% faster than conventional construction.

Modular construction limits total project expenses by reducing downtime and combining the work that various trade professionals would complete into one bill.

You can deduct a modular structure’s depreciation over seven years, allowing you to write off more income at once than you can for conventional buildings.

Modular structures are customizable, so they can fulfill numerous purposes. You can also scale your office up or down as needed.

Modular construction’s efficiency optimizes material use to reduce waste and limit manufacturing emissions.