Load Bearing

Load Bearing In-Plant Modular Buildings

Load-bearing modular in-plant buildings are interior structures designed, built, and installed specifically to support loads above. They’re vital for facilities that are hoping to expand, but are worried about taking up too much floor space on the production floor or pushing out the walls of their existing host structure.

By installing a single-story, modular load-bearing building in your facility today, you’ll be equipped to accommodate a second story when you expand operations down the road. And by installing one manufactured by Starrco, you’ll be ensuring the highest level of quality and service along with it.

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In-Plant Modular Buildings With Load Bearing Design

Starrco’s unique wall systems are designed utilizing wiring-studs, which carry the weight for load-bearing applications. The studs double as structural columns and vertical wiring raceways, eliminating the need for additional columns to support the structural beams for a load-bearing deck.

Depending on your unique requirements, we use C-channels and I-beams to strengthen our 22-gauge steel B-decking. This B-decking can then carry the load for the bottom floor (to support light fixtures, air handling equipment, etc.) or for the space above it (such as an additional storage space or second-floor office).

Starrco load-bearing designs can be used to support:

  • Additional office spaces
  • Record-keeping / filing rooms
  • Conference and break rooms
  • Equipment or material storage
  • Observation platforms to oversee production floors

When Is a Load-Bearing In-Plant Modular Building the Right Choice?

Within many industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities, lack of space is an ongoing issue. Growing businesses have much to store, from records to equipment to inventory to people. That’s why load bearing modular buildings are highly beneficial for any number of situations, including (but not limited to):

  • If your facility needs a warehouse office but is worried about losing floor space
  • If your facility has additional storage requirements but can’t find the floor space
  • If your facility’s ceiling is much taller than the height required for your in-plant modular building

The beauty of load-bearing modular in-plant buildings is their ability to use vertical space above, rather than take up much-needed room on your manufacturing floor. They give you the best of both worlds: more space for your employees to enjoy and for your company to grow, without taking anything away from production or your existing host structure.