1.5″ Grid

Starrco 1.5″ Ceiling Grid for Heavy Duty Applications

Starrco’s 1.5″ Suspended Ceiling Grid is an exposed tee system fit for heavy duty applications to support cleanroom HEPA filters and lights. The 1.5″ Grid has factory-applied closed-cell foam gaskets for controlled environments such as cleanrooms, food processing areas, and healthcare facilities.

Modular Ceiling
  • Min. G30 hot-dipped galvanized body for corrosion protection
  • Flat white color
  • ICC-ES evaluated for building code compliance and seismic installations
  • Capable of withstanding cleaning and/or disinfecting chemicals
  • Ceiling tiles have a CAC Rating of 35-39 and are Class-A non-combustible
  • Hanger spacing can be 4′ (16 lb/LF) 5′ (7.3 lb/LF) or 6′ (4.9 lb/LF)

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