Smoking Shelters

Portable Smoking Shelters

Portable outdoor smoking rooms from Starrco are weather-resistant and provide an accessible and protective portable room for employees and individuals wanting to relax or take that quick smoking break. Our outdoor smoking shelters protect occupants from outside elements in almost any kind of weather. We also offer portable indoor smoking rooms to create the ideal smoker-friendly breakroom for your personnel.

Portable smoking shelter

What to Expect From Our Smoking Shelters

Our portable rooms and shelters include several desirable features, such as:

  • Anodized steel or aluminum.
  • Walls, ceilings and floors with durable, impact-resistant cores.
  • A vinyl-covered or aluminum rust-resistant finish to extend the life span and reduce maintenance requirements.

How Can Smoking Rooms Benefit Your Company?

If some of your employees or guests smoke, an enclosed smoking room is a worthwhile investment for your company. Some benefits of installing an outdoor or indoor smoking booth include:

By installing a portable indoor smoking room in your building or an outdoor one nearby, you provide your employees with a convenient place to take their smoke breaks. Easily accessible smoking rooms reduce the time it takes employees to find a place where they can smoke, increasing their productivity and allowing them to get back to work sooner.

Cigarettes cause accidental fires that can quickly get out of hand. Our enclosed smoking rooms are manufactured with fire-resistant materials and ventilation systems to prevent fires from spreading to the rest of your building.

When you install a smoking room, you can improve experiences for smokers and non-smokers. These designated rooms provide smokers with a comfortable environment to enjoy their smoke break where the odor of cigarette smoke won’t disturb non-smokers. Overall, a smoking room benefits everyone in the facility.

Each state has its own unique laws and regulations about smoking in public spaces. A portable smoking room enables you to place the enclosure in the correct place according to state and local laws while avoiding health and safety violations by ensuring a comfortable, smoke-free work environment.

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A Starrco modular shelter can be the fastest, easiest and cheapest way for your company to comply with new state and local laws regarding a smoke-free work and leisure environment. Besides smoking shelters, Starrco modular buildings have been used for valet shelters, bus shelters and several other applications. Get in touch with us for a free quote on our smoking shelters.

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