Screening Booth

Starrco corralled our decades of experience fabricating outdoor shelters and developing cleanroom and sanitary room environments for the pharma and medical communities and responded quickly to the 2020 pandemic to design, develop, and introduce an innovative piece of protective equipment. The Starrco Screening Booth is a quickly implemented protocol suitable for SOP or an emergency activation. The company is extremely proud to cite installations of this versatile and portable screening booth across the country.

What is a Screening Booth?

Starrco’s screening booth is the perfect tool for any company, healthcare or government facility that is taking a proactive approach to providing a safe workplace for their employees and visitors. The screening booth provides a functional barrier separating screeners from any person seeking access to a building or protected area.

The screening booth is perfectly sized to accommodate 1 or 2 operators. The booth is also highly portable because it is built on a steel base with forklift pockets, and can be easily repurposed for other applications.

Benefits of a Screening Booth

Many of the benefits of a screening booth are intuitive. The structure provides the safe environment that healthcare and essential workers need to perform health and security screenings.

But, screening booths are an equally beneficial piece of equipment for commercial building managers and manufacturing facility managers.

  • Screen employees and vendors before they enter the building. Installing a screening booth at every entrance delivers a strong message that your facility takes health and safety screening very seriously. Screening every person who attempts to enter — via swab, temp screening, keycard, or biometric — is an assertive attempt to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and other airborne contaminants from entering your facility. It provides a safer place to screen employees and vendors before they enter your facility.
  • Easy to clean. Starrco screening booths are easy to clean. Simply wipe down soiled surfaces with a damp cloth using a soap and water mixture or mild disinfectant that is suitable for cleaning vinyl and painted surfaces.
  • Simple to repurpose. Screening booths were an essential tool during the 2020 pandemic. But, as we safely move past COVID-19, it’s good to know that your investment is protected. Starrco’s screening booths are portable and very simple to repurpose as a guard booth, parking booth, security booth, gatehouse, driver receiving station, equipment enclosure, or any number of other applications your facility may have.

Where Do I Install a Screening Booth?

The installation location of your screening booth is entirely dependent on your perimeter preferences. For many, the location is outside the front door or employee entrance. For others, the location is at the security entrance of your parking lot or shipping docks. That is the great thing about the size and portability of the screening booth. The forklift pockets allow you to quickly lift and relocate the booth at any time, and sometimes from day-to-day.

What Do I Do With a Screening Booth in the Long-Term?

While a screening booth certainly makes sense for businesses and facilities trying to get back to work after any local health concern, many wonder what they might do with a screening booth when the health concern is no longer a threat. The benefit of choosing a portable, modular screening booth is that you can easily repurpose the booth to serve your facility in the future. Starrco screening booths are designed with forklift pockets built-in, and their modular construction means they can stand up to both outdoor or indoor placement.

A few common applications for repurposed screening booths include:

  • Ticket booth
  • Parking attendant station
  • Guard booth
  • Access control booths
  • Portable building
  • Cashier or toll booth
  • Guard shack

Starrco Screening Booth Features and Specifications

Starrco’s screening booths combine decades of experience building outdoor shelters and developing cleanroom environments for pharmaceutical and medical communities. We’ve merged both of these disciplines into one intuitive and efficient screening booth solution, designed to provide the very best in safety and protection now while delivering versatile functionality for the future.

Starrco Screening Booth Features

  • Arrive fully assembled
  • Suited to both interior and exterior applications
  • Pre-wired electrical package
  • Sealed glass barrier
  • Forklift pockets for simple portability
  • Starrco Screening Booth Options
  • Glovebox port
  • Glovebox iris port
  • Neoprene one-piece sleeve
  • Dropbox
  • Speak hole or electronic intercom
  • Climate control

Screening Booth FAQs

The operator is stationed within the screening booth. As a transient approaches the booth from the outside, the operator greets the transient and safely screens them by taking a sample, taking the individual’s temperature, etc. using one or multiple screening booth options. Once the transient has completed their screening, the operator can disinfect the area as per facility safety protocol.

Yes. Starrco screening booths are designed to offer your facility the flexibility you need to adapt to changing business needs. If you reach a point where you no longer need a screening booth, your Starrco booth is simple to repurpose for another application. Forklift pockets make the booth easy to relocate, and its modular construction means it can easily be adapted to fit a range of other useful applications.

Important Notes

  • This Starrco Screening Booth is NOT a certified medical enclosure or medical device.
  • When in use, the Operator shall wear appropriate medical PPE in order to protect themselves from the environmental conditions in the area surrounding the screening booth.
  • It is the responsibility of the OWNER to ensure a clean, sanitary, and safe working environment for the operator and the transient; both inside and outside the booth.