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Parking Booths for Sale

Parking booths from Starrco offer a long-lasting, cost-effective way to control your traffic flow to and from your parking facility. Starrco parking booths give your employees a warm and safe place to work. Our portable booths make perfect security booths, information booths, parking booths or guard booths as quick alternatives to conventionally built traffic control structures.

Why Use a Parking Attendant Booth?

With Starrco solutions, you can create a place for a parking attendant booth to hand out parking permits or receive payments for a parking lot. Other applications include:

  • Valet booths
  • Information kiosks
  • Tollbooth plazas for multi-level parking garages
  • Security booths

Starrco offers standard and custom sizes and designs for portable booths that are affordable, durable, low maintenance and portable to meet the needs of virtually any parking application. Our modular parking booths and other portable modular buildings offer sliding windows for ease of communication with visitors, with options that include transaction drawers, HVAC systems, counters, shelves and more. Starrco’s pre-assembled, portable modular buildings are designed to provide years of maintenance-free service with structural members of either anodized aluminum or steel and a rust-retardant finish. Portable booth walls, ceilings and floors have a solid impact-resistant core with a durable aluminum or vinyl-covered finish.

Benefits of a Parking Booth from Starrco

Parking booths offer plenty of advantages, whether you need one for an elaborate parking facility or a small parking lot:

Climate control and protection from the elements allow your parking facility staff to work comfortably. Parking booths also separate your parking attendants from passing cars.

Windows on all sides allow security, valets, and parking lot attendants to keep a close watch on your property. 

With a parking lot attendant on site, your customers can always get help with their parking permit or pay for their parking. Many customers may also feel safer with an attendant on site.

Modular parking booths can be set up almost anywhere, including outside and indoors. You can also relocate them as needed.

Having a parking attendant on site can protect your property by deterring thieves and ensuring someone can call authorities if they notice suspicious activity. If you ever sell your parking facility, having quality parking booths on site can also improve the investment’s value.

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Forget about conventional construction. A modular parking attendant booth from Starrco is 70% faster to install, saving you labor costs and time. When you work with Starrco, you also enjoy the benefit of fast quotes, attentive customer service, and a team of engineers, technicians, and designers who stand behind their work. Request a quote today and achieve a professional image for your parking lot with the right parking attendant booth.

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