Observation Towers

Portable observation towers are perfect for long term parking lot operators or as security guard watch observation towers (adjacent to a modular guard house). Our modular systems can be constructed on a platform to create aesthetically pleasing and fully functional observation towers and two story mezzanines. Starrco systems such as these modular guard houses, allow for windows on all sides providing an elevated shelter with 360 degree visibility, which allows your security staff the ability to monitor activity over a large area.

These pre-fabricated modular building systems come pre-wired and can be outfitted with electrical and climate control systems to provide a year round work environment for your personnel. As with any type of Starrco mobile office, regardless of indoor or outdoor use, modular building systems are available with a variety of optional features to meet specific needs and applications. Modular guard house options include (but are not limited to); special wall finishes, reinforced panel Cores, special door hardware, sliding windows, special glazing, HVAC systems, flooring materials, etc.

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