Observation Towers

Modular Observation Towers for Sale

Portable observation towers are perfect for long-term parking lot operators or as security guard watch observation towers (adjacent to a modular guard house). Our modular systems can be constructed on a platform to create aesthetically pleasing and fully functional observation towers and two-story mezzanines. Starrco systems, such as these modular guard houses, allow for windows on all sides, providing an elevated shelter with 360-degree visibility, which allows your security staff the ability to monitor activity over a large area.

modular observation tower

A Portable Observation Tower for Your Needs

Observation towers give you height, allowing you to oversee operations in your facility. This characteristic makes them ideal for:

  • Supervisors’ offices
  • Conference room enclosures
  • Security

Since they make more room vertically, observation towers can create new areas while taking up minimal floor space. Use them for:

  • Break rooms
  • CMM rooms
  • Computer room enclosures
  • Shipping and receiving offices
  • Sound and dust enclosures
  • Warehouse offices
Observation towers from Starrco have 50-75% faster lead times compared to traditional construction.

The Benefits of Portable Observation Towers

Modular observation towers from Starrco have lead times 50% to 75% faster when compared with traditional construction. You can start enjoying your new space faster, and the process is more efficient, reducing downtime and disruption at your workspace. The efficiency also saves you on labor costs. As an additional benefit, you may be able to deduct your observation tower’s depreciation over seven years, helping you save more than you might by building an addition.

Portable observation towers are also more environmentally sustainable because they’re made in an efficient manufacturing process that minimizes emissions and waste.

When you build an observation tower, you enjoy a bird’s eye view. Customize the tower to your needs. For example, you can choose larger windows that give you a view of an entire parking lot, office space, manufacturing facility or other property.

These pre-fabricated modular building systems come pre-wired and can be outfitted with electrical and climate control systems to provide a year-round work environment for your personnel. As with any type of Starrco mobile office, regardless of indoor or outdoor use, modular building systems are available with a variety of optional features to meet specific needs and applications. Modular guard house options include (but are not limited to); special wall finishes, reinforced panel Cores, special door hardware, sliding windows, special glazing, HVAC systems, flooring materials, etc.

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