Indoor Modular Grow Rooms

The prefabricated, versatile solution you need to expand your commercial cultivation operations.

What Is an Indoor Modular Grow Room?

A grow room is an enclosed space in which plants are grown under controlled environmental conditions. The “modular” component means that it’s built using modular construction: a method that involves manufacturing standardized components (wall and ceiling panels) off-site, then transporting them for quick and simple assembly on site.

Indoor modular grow rooms are used to grow plants of wide varieties, but they’ve recently become a popular and beneficial choice for cannabis growers. The United States cannabis industry is expected to generate $85 billion in sales by 2030. To meet that demand, grow facilities need to find versatile solutions that will help them continue to grow and expand operations year after year.

Do you have a project in mind?

Starrco manufactures indoor modular grow rooms for medical and recreational cannabis cultivation. Our modular grow rooms are manufactured and installed 75% faster than those built with traditional construction methods, so you can easily adapt to your industry’s demands. 

Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Watch How We Build Our Modular Grow Rooms from Start to Finish

Check out this time-lapse video of one of Starrco’s indoor modular grow room installations. It provides a vivid example of how much quicker and cleaner our modular construction really is.

Key Spaces Within an Indoor Modular Grow Room Facility

Within a large grow room facility, several separate rooms or zones house different tasks or applications. They are often separated by modular wall systems and partitions. These spaces include the following:

  • Controlled Environment – An enclosed space where temperature, humidity, lighting, irrigation, pests, pathogens, and cross-contamination are regulated. A few designated spaces within this environment could include: 
    • Mother rooms where branches are trimmed from plants
    • Vegetation rooms where plants go from an immature stage to adolescence in an artificial spring
    • Dry rooms where the relative humidity is less than 20%, so the product can dry out before it’s packaged
  • Office Space – A zone that’s used for administrative and personnel tasks. These could include break rooms, utility controls, storage, packaging, restrooms, dispensary, etc. 
  • Secure Space – A zone that’s dedicated to the safe storage of products. It could include a vault room, inventory room, security office, etc. 

4 Basic Components of an Indoor Modular Grow Room

Our indoor modular grow rooms feature high-grade, non-corrosive components that are suitable for high-humidity growing conditions. We also offer a range of non-flaking, mold-resistant wall finishes to minimize the risk of crop contamination. Here are some of the basic components of our modular indoor grow rooms.

  • Wall Panels – Prefabricated panels built with moisture-resistant aluminum, vinyl, or cleanroom-grade HDPE or FRP. Completed with structural steel posts and an insulating core.
  • Ceiling System – A panelized grid system that holds necessary HVAC, lighting, and environmental equipment. Can include a load-bearing roof deck.
  • Lighting – Specialized grow lights engineered for optimal plant cultivation. Not supplied by Starrco, but by our partners/vendors.
  • Environmental Controls – Systems for temperature, humidity, and air quality control. Not supplied by Starrco, but by our partners/vendors.

Benefits of an Indoor Modular Grow Room for Cannabis

There are endless possibilities with Starrco’s indoor modular grow rooms for cannabis. You can add rooms, modify the layout, add a second floor, or dismantle your entire commercial grow facility and move it to a new location for reassembly — all with ease.

Why Indoor?

Starrco’s modular cannabis grow rooms are enclosed spaces. While they can still be free-standing structures, they’re meant to be built in an indoor environment. Why?

  • Environmental Control – Cannabis cultivation requires certain climatic conditions that can be achieved easily and consistently indoors.
  • Pest Control – Outdoor pests can take a huge toll on cannabis crops. The threat of pests is reduced considerably indoors.
  • Investment in Cleanroom Technology – State regulations will likely get more strict regarding lab testing material. Consider adopting cleanroom protocols like disposable gowns, booties, and point-of-entry technologies like air showers.
  • Enhanced Security – Cannabis is a controlled substance that requires enhanced safety and security regulations.

Why Modular?

Our modular cannabis grow rooms are revolutionary because they offer the versatility you need to respond to rising product demand and evolving regulations. When you can react quickly to market fluctuations, your commercial cannabis operation has a competitive advantage. Some other advantages of modular grow room design include:

  • Quick Installation – Prefabricated components allow for fast on-site assembly.
  • Minimal Construction Mess – Prefabricated components reduce construction errors and operational interruption.
  • Simple Modification – Modular design makes layout, growth, and relocation opportunities a breeze.
  • Tax Benefits – You can fully depreciate a Starrco modular building in the same year you bought it. Traditional construction would take you 39 years.

Do you have a project in mind?

Our solutions are built to meet your needs and your timeline. Find out how Starrco can support your upcoming project with fast, versatile, and solid solutions. 

Indoor Modular Grow Room FAQs

How Long Does It Take to Build a Modular Grow Room Facility?

Starrco’s modular grow rooms are built and installed 75% faster than traditionally built ones. 

Each modular building is manufactured at our St. Louis, MO factory using accelerated yet precise production processes. The finished parts are then shipped to your facility for installation. 

Typically, it takes a crew of two installers around half a day to install an average 12-square-foot room. That said, installation time greatly varies depending on the size and scope of your project.

What Is the Difference Between Cleanrooms and Grow Rooms?

Modular grow rooms have many similarities to the cleanrooms we’ve been building for the pharmaceutical and electronics industries for decades, such as: 

  • Interior surfaces that can withstand sanitizing and sterilizing processes
  • Durable, airtight fit and finish to preserve the controlled environment
  • Complex HVAC engineered solutions
  • Non-shedding wall, ceiling, and plenum surfaces
  • Suspended ceiling grid systems designed to support essential equipment such as grow lights and ventilation runs
  • Power outlets where you need them. Cables are run through the raceways built into every aluminum stud
  • Data outlets for security systems are easy to add
  • Factory-framed openings for air devices, pass-through cabinets, and product conveying
  • A variety of windows, including fixed windows with quarter-inch tempered safety glass and aluminum frames

However, there are some key differences between the two types of modular spaces. You can read about them in this blog

Can Ventilation Systems Be Installed in Modular Grow Rooms?

Starrco will work with your HVAC engineer and our partners to integrate ventilation infrastructure into our modular wall and ceiling components. This will ensure that all air handling equipment needed to remove heat, control humidity, and prevent contamination can be accommodated. 

Typical options for our modular grow room setups include: 

  • A ceiling grid system strong enough to support fan-powered filtration units
  • Support wall-hung, oscillating fans
  • Wall-mounted air return grills
  • Sealed plenums
  • Air-chase walls
Can I Have Power Where I Need It Within a Modular Grow Room?

Whether it’s for your HVAC, office equipment, security cameras, or other appliances, we can place electrical outlets wherever you need them. 

Electrical supply lines are routed through the raceways in the walls’ aluminum stud system. Our modular electrical system is pre-engineered to snap together for speed and flexibility. It’s also color-coded for safety. All of the electrical materials we supply are UL-listed and meet NEC requirements. 

Where Can You Ship Starrco Modular Grow Room Components?

Most of our modular grow room components are shipped within the Continental US. However, we’ve manufactured grow room complexes for cannabis operations as far away as Hawaii, and we’ve supplied other office and building components for customers in Canada, Central America, Africa, and the Caribbean. 

Can You Provide Stamped Drawings of Your Modular Grow Room Designs?

We can supply drawings sealed with a professional engineer’s stamp upon request. Be sure to request this requirement when you submit your RFQ

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