Tank & Storage Rooms

Starrco Modular Solutions for Tank & Storage Rooms

A modular tank & storage room is an enclosed structure consisting of numerous pre-fabricated components such as panels, wire-studs, ceiling grids, & more. Each component is fabricated away from the structure’s final location, then delivered for installation.

Modular structures meet all building requirements and include features like electricity and climate control. These spaces are specifically customized to facilitate your exact storage needs. With a modular tank & storage room, you’ll have complete control over temperature, humidity, and lighting with a secure structure built to keep pests, contaminants, and unwanted people out.

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Watch How We Build a Modular Grow Rooms from Start to Finish

Check out this time-lapse video of one of Starrco’s indoor modular grow room installations. It provides a vivid example of how much quicker and cleaner our modular construction really is.