Extraction Labs

Modular Extraction Labs

An extraction lab is a controlled environment where the extraction process can occur under ideal conditions. We make it easy for you to take advantage of Starrco’s expertise in the lab space. Just like with cleanroom controlled environments, Starrco’s modular solutions are a perfect fit for an extraction lab in your facility.

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Benefits of using modular construction from Starrco for your extraction lab:

  • Less mess on-site
  • Installation up to 70% faster than conventional construction
  • Tax advantages
  • A solution that can be adapted as you grow & change
  • Exceptional service & quality

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Extraction Labs From Starrco

We offer various 3-inch wall systems, each with a smooth fiber-reinforced plastic finish. Our modular cleanroom wall panels include:

  • High-performance panels (HP): Class 1 insulated panels with two 24-gauge steel layers around a polyisocyanurate core
  • Sound control panels (SC): Two vinyl-covered particleboard layers over an expanded polystyrene core
  • Deluxe noncombustible panels (DL): Two vinyl-covered gypsum board interior panels surrounding a polystyrene core

Our modular cleanrooms’ floors fasten to your existing floor to ensure a tight seal. Modular flooring options include:

  • Perforated raised flooring.
  • Seamless vinyl.
  • Epoxy paint on concrete.
  • Vinyl composition tile.

We outfit cleanrooms with air filtration systems that prevent contamination from dust, debris, and other particles that compromise your product. Our experts will help you choose between fan filter units, high-efficiency particulate air filters, and ultralow particulate air filters.

Modular cleanrooms include a 120/240-volt single-phase panel that handles up to 12 single pole breakers. We’ll connect your breaker to outlets through the aluminum wall studs’ internal cavities.

We’ll install the optimal light configuration for your workflow and energy efficiency needs. Choose between options like these:

  • Light panels
  • LED light strips
  • Teardrop lights
  • Flow-through modules

The Advantages of Modular Construction

When adding a lab to your facility, modular construction offers numerous advantages over conventional methods:

  • Time: A conventional construction project may take months to complete. Save time by choosing a modular structure that installs in a matter of days with few interruptions.
  • Cost: The overall cost of a modular structure is lower than that of a conventional building. All design, engineering, and manufacturing work falls under one bill to keep expenses low. Additionally, the rapid completion time will maximize your productivity and prevent slowdowns from cutting into revenue.
  • Tax deductions: Modular cleanrooms depreciate faster than conventional structures. As a result, you can deduct depreciation over seven years rather than the 39 years necessary for conventional buildings.
  • Versatility: Modular cleanrooms evolve with you. We can add, subtract, or relocate components as your business scales so your cleanroom continues to be a valuable asset.