Our Team

Our Company Philosophy

Do all things with a commitment to quality and friendliness.

Good customer service and responsiveness are core values for our company. We like to make sure that we are following through on those tenets, so at Starrco, we complete an annual anonymous survey of our customers and dealers.

Here are some of our favorites — these are not edited:

  • Integrity. They do what they say they will do.
  • Loyalty, Quality of Product, Response Time and oh yeah Mark Worth.
  • Quality, professionalism, promises mean something.
  • Starrco is an organization that conducts their business with a high level of integrity and has fun.
  • Quality product. Excellent customer service.
  • Tom, of course, but also top quality products and great service.
  • Back your distributors. Quality. Great working relationships.
  • Sales Support from Greg Lerdahl separates Starrco from competitors.
  • Response time; flexibility, competitive price, design assistance.
  • You have a personal feel about your company that is nice to work with.

The response we heard that we are most proud of:
I believe the entire company cares about the end result.

From engineering, to the people on plant floor, to those out in the field, at Starrco, we all want to do the best job we can. Because you’re not just getting a product from Starrco, you’re getting a team that is conscientious, personable and friendly and committed to quality.

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