Trim Facilities

Using Modular Buildings as Trim Facilities

Modular construction is an efficient advancement that opens a wide range of possible applications, including many in the cannabis industry. At Starrco, we design modular structures to use as trim facilities.

A modular structure is a building crafted through modular construction. Rather than hauling materials to a job site and building the structure there, most of the modular construction process occurs off-site. We design, engineer, and fabricate these structures as individual components. Then, we deliver the components to the final location for assembly.

Modular Structures as Trim Rooms

Trimming is a delicate process. Your trimming room’s conditions impact the quality of the flower as well as the comfort and safety of the employees working inside. At Starrco, we customize modular buildings that facilitate efficient cannabis trimming processes. Work with us to design a trim facility wall or building that allows you to control several aspects of the space:

  • Size: We design trim rooms for plants and workforces at any scale. We can also increase or decrease the size of your structure as your needs change.
  • Lighting: We’ll integrate your trim room with the electrical components and light fixtures you need to ensure worker visibility and keep your plants healthy.
  • Temperature: Our trim rooms can include heating and cooling systems to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year.
  • Air quality: We outfit trim rooms with ventilation systems that preserve plants’ health while protecting your staff.
  • Moisture: We’ll connect your structure to the facility’s water infrastructure to provide water access inside the trim room. Additionally, our trim rooms are airtight to prevent moisture if you use a dry trimming method.

Other Benefits for Your Business

Choosing a modular building for your trim room can benefit your organization in numerous ways.

For one, modular construction is the fastest method. From start to finish, our process averages 50%-75% faster than conventional construction. We engineer and fabricate each component at our facility, which takes far less time than coordinating with numerous other businesses across trades.

Plus, you’ll experience long-term savings by choosing modular. Consolidating your construction bills to one company cuts overall costs while preventing delays. When the building is complete, you can save by deducting depreciation over seven years instead of the 39 years required for traditional buildings.

Why should you work with Starrco?

Rapid Quote Request

Starrco stands by our rapid quote request turnaround. We work to provide accurate project estimates for most requests in as little as 24 hours, though some larger projects may require more time.

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Our products are made to fit your application— whatever that application may be — now, and well into the future. Built for your business today and designed to fit your future, too.

Fastest Installation

Get your project up and running when you need it most. Starrco solutions install 70% faster than conventional construction.

Superior Manufacturing Technology

Every Starrco component is precision-engineered in our controlled environments by experienced technicians. We only deliver the highest quality products.

Dependable & Personable Customer Service

Excellent, responsive customer service is one of Starrco’s core values. From our sales team to our engineering & design experts, everyone here cares about your end result.

Upper level modular office

Starrco Modular Grow Rooms as Trim Facilities

Our modular grow rooms are ideal for trim facilities. We fabricate the walls, ceiling, and floor at our facility, then deliver them to you for rapid assembly. Our grow rooms feature either fiber-reinforced plastic or high-density polyethylene finishes for durability. Other materials like steel structural posts and an insulated core work to strengthen the structure and control the internal climate. Additionally, we offer partitions and modular walls that can create a trim room inside an existing room.

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