Modular Warehouse Partitions and Walls

What Are Modular Warehouse Partitions?

Modular warehouse partitions are large walls that separate spaces within the same facility. Some warehouse partitions are considered “demising walls,” while others just function to create more intentional spaces within a facility.

While these partitions can be used in various types of facilities, they’re especially advantageous in a warehouse setting, or something similar. Why? They have the ability to isolate sensitive operations and separate operational processes.

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Two-story modular in-plant office

Modular Warehouse Partition Features & Capabilities

Modular warehouse partitions can be tailored to fit your unique application. However, they all come with some of the same standard features and performance capabilities, including:

  • Dimensions – Modular warehouse partitions can be up to 27 feet tall, reaching all the way to the ceiling.
  • Optional Ceiling – Modular warehouse partitions can be enclosed to provide a space that controls temperature, humidity, and contamination. Or, the ceiling can be left open so that you can take advantage of existing lighting, HVAC, fire protection, etc. in your facility.
  • Customization – Modular warehouse partitions are completely customizable. Choose the size, material, finish, and other specifications you need.
Starrco in-plant breakroom

Common Modular Warehouse Partition Applications

Modular warehouse partitions are reliable, versatile components that can be used for a multitude of applications. You can configure them to create whatever type of dividing wall or enclosed space you need. Here are some of the common ways our customers have used their modular warehouse partitions.

Separate Two Operational Processes

Every day, many different tasks are carried out within your warehouse facility. To avoid chaos and improve productivity, it’s often best to implement a physical dividing line between some of these tasks. This can help your employees stay focused on the task at hand and provide a separate space for certain tasks that most require it.

Enclose a Sensitive Operational Process

Whether you work in a warehouse, manufacturing, or some other kind of industrial environment, there are usually a couple of different processes that are highly sensitive. You need an isolated space to ensure they’re carried out safely and effectively. Modular partitions can provide that.

The Benefits of Modular Warehouse Partitions From Starrco

Modular warehouse partitions allow for endless reconfiguration possibilities within your facility. Here are some other aspects that make them the perfect choice for making the most of your space.

Short Time to Deliver

Starrco’s modular warehouse partitions are shipped in weeks, not months. As soon as you place your order, our team gets to work manufacturing exactly the components you need to separate your functional workspaces. Every component is pre-assembled and labeled in our facility, then shipped directly to your build site. There, a small crew can assemble the entire project in just days.

Custom Solutions

Because we manufacture modular warehouse partitions and walls according to your specifications, we’re able to accommodate a wide range of custom requests for your project. From size to materials to features, our modular solutions are designed to suit your needs.

High-Quality Construction

Our modular warehouse partitions are made from high-quality materials and can offer the sleek, professional look many facilities desire. From long glass wall panels to more private solid panels, our products are manufactured in dedicated, controlled environments where we can ensure they meet quality standards prior to shipment.

Minimal Construction Mess

Our high-quality manufacturing process allows for minimal construction mess. Because modular components are built in our facility, not yours, we’re able to minimize how much we interrupt your everyday operations. You don’t have to deal with weeks of construction crews in your space.

Great Versatility & Scalability

As your facility grows or changes, Starrco’s modular warehouse partitions can grow and change with it. Due to their modular design, each partition can be easily disassembled, reconfigured, relocated, or added onto.

FM-Approved Wall Panel Solutions

Your modular warehouse partitions can be built with FM-approved wall panel solutions upon request. Just make sure to outline what you would like this feature in your RFQ.

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