Computer Room Enclosures

These modular computer rooms and wall systems are pre-assembled, take advantage of quick set up, have raised flooring for easy access and cable management, include HVAC control for a constant temperature environment. Modular wall systems also provide security for sensitive electronic equipment. Due to Starrco’s construction material and outstanding insulation of its modular wall systems, your servers, switches, network storage and other critical equipment are kept safe from humidity, acidic fluids and gases, magnetic influences, vandalism, theft, and dust within an appropriately configured office module.

Intended uses for modular computer rooms

  • Additional growth for an existing data center requiring more high-density floor space capacity in a hurry.
  • Relocation of non-critical, but high-density applications from a constricted computer room.
  • Emergency and disaster recovery computing capacity brought into a site.
  • Modular growth for new applications or incremental expansion of existing applications.
  • Temporary computing capacity to bridge new growth needs between an existing computer room and the provisioning of a new or expanded data center.
  • Rapid deployment of a data center in a remote location.
  • Location of a server computing facility within a regional grid offering less expensive, more reliable or available power.

With the appropriate options, a Starrco modular wall system can be configured to give your IT infrastructure flexible, scalable, lockable, easily transported and installed computer room floor space which is capable of cooling extremely high-density IT hardware loads. While offering cost-effective space solutions, Starrco modular computer room enclosures and wall systems offer various operational advantages over conventional office construction.


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