Break Rooms

Modular Break Rooms

A break room is a vital part of any successful factory or warehouse. Break rooms provide a space separate from hectic floor, where workers can recuperate & enjoy peace while on break. Modular construction is the ideal solution for a break room. With modular construction, you can have your new break room installed in days rather than weeks & keep operations running while installation takes place.


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Break Rooms for Offices, Factories, and More

Portable, modular break rooms make terrific in-plant offices; a Starrco portable enclosure can be used in a variety of ways including break rooms for employees. Workers can meet in modular break rooms for coffee or a quick meeting or even take a break to shoot a game of pool, fostering the idea of good, old-fashioned human interaction. Re-popularizing face time within the workplace can be a challenge that’s easily handled with a modular wall system.

With Starrco’s variety of construction material, creative architects and interior designers can create quiet enclaves where two or more people can gather. Custom modular enclosures for break rooms allow interaction between co-workers and stimulate a creative flow of ideas and high morale.

The choice of the stud system for your Starrco modular office or break room depends on the use of the space, both now and in the future. All studs in Starrco modular break rooms and portable enclosures accommodate quick and easy vertical installations of electrical, data transmission and communication lines in raceways accessible from a cover plate. The innovative design of SS3300 is a two-piece stud that allows both sides to be equipped with electrical devices and communication receptacles. The custom design of both studs allows removal and replacement of a wall panel without disturbing adjacent panels.

The portable design also allows your system to be easily revised and reconfigured as your needs change, allowing your portable break rooms to have flexible placement of electronic equipment for laptops, TVs, or phones and adequate appliances for food preparation or vending. With Starrco’s quality, self-contained 3″ thick wall panels, portable break rooms and enclosures can be constructed with soundproofing components to eliminate machine and processing noise. With optional HVAC controls and thermal insulating, the area can be cooled or heated to provide a comfortable atmosphere from areas that get excessively warm or chilled during manufacturing. Read more about our HVAC Design in Modular Office Buildings.

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